The Power Of Knowing Your Why

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Do you know your ‘why’? Your ‘why’ is a sentence or two that states your reason for being. It is the fire in your soul that gets you out of bed every morning and drives you toward your dreams. 

When you take the time to discover your ‘why’, you will be able to harness its power and can always refer back to it when you need clarity. Your ‘why’ will help you make decisions that drive you toward your goals, and will help you create mental resilience and freedom. 

Refer to my blog post, How To Identify Your Why for exercises on how to identify your ‘why’ and be clear on your purpose. 

Finding your power in your why

A 2019 cancer diagnosis was the most recent moment that fueled my ‘why’.  As I sat in the doctor’s office, hearing the words no one wants to hear, I said to myself, “That’s it—no more playing small. I am stepping out of the shadows, and into the full expression of myself. From this moment on, I will stand in my power, use my voice, and live every day as a force for good.” 

Right then and there, I decided to lean fully into my purpose and to help others do the same, so they can transform into the authentic, successful, and impactful individuals they were born to be, and live a joyful, abundant life they love. 

As you become connected with your ‘why’, you will also begin to realize its power in your life. It will bring you strength, guidance, and freedom in ways that might surprise you.

Your ‘why’ gives you confidence

When you identify your ‘why’, you will have a singular driver to come back to when you are unsure of what decision to make or what step to take next. Your ‘why’ is your opportunity to return to yourself whenever there is a question, and trust yourself to answer with what is right for you. 

Your ‘why’ is a deep, emotional connection. You will have the power to answer life’s questions and challenges with your purpose first, and you will feel rooted in that purpose. When you are this connected to your ’why’, you will have the power to show up confidently in the world with the knowing that you are on your purpose-driven path. 

Your ‘why’ gives you mental freedom

When you are strongly aligned with who you are and what you want from life, you will become internally free. Your ‘why’ gives you the freedom to make decisions that align with your purpose. This is because when you are deeply attached to your purpose, it makes it easy to shed ideas or activities that no longer serve you. 

Additionally, you will gain mental freedom in the form of resilience. Rather than living in the wake of outside obstacles or setbacks, you will have a core motivation that helps you rise above and overcome.

Think of your ‘why’ as a mental guardrail. If something doesn’t align with your ‘why’ or doesn’t move you toward your ultimate goals, then you’re able to easily say no. Your why also creates resolve in your decisions because when you’re tired or your life plan goes awry, your clear ‘why’ gives you the drive you need to keep going. The clarity having a ‘why’ brings allows you to not get distracted or pulled off course because you have an internal compass that you’re deeply connected with. 

A connection with your why makes decision-making easier

Your ‘why’ gives you power in your choices. When you’re connected with your ‘why’, you will find ease in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to what feels right. That’s because you are driven by your ‘why’ - not just your goals and outcomes. While you may be attached to the outcome of a decision, the reason for that attachment is in how that outcome will serve your greater purpose. 

All your decisions, actions, goals, desires, and more are driven by your ‘why’. It is your internal compass and your north star. 

Your ‘why’ will guide you as you design a life you love

Your ‘why’ is your power. Understanding and aligning with your ‘why’ will allow you to create a life that you love - a life that’s authentic to you. You get to choose how you show up in the world, and your ‘why’ will guide you. 

As you hone in on your ‘why’, it is important to surround yourself with others who are living in alignment with their ‘why’ and following their purpose. One way to do this is to attend events that like-minded people are attending. You can learn from people who have been living according to their ‘why’ and grow stronger in your own. 

I encourage you to take the next step and register for the Choose YOU Challenge. In it, we will not only discuss your ‘why’, but I will also share the keys to creating and maintaining your authentic, aligned, joyful life so you are equipped to get up when life tries to knock you down.

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