Change Your Story, Change Your Life

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Life happens for you, not to you. 

The ultimate key to creating the authentic, empowered, free life you design for yourself lies in your ability to fuel yourself with an empowering narrative about your events and circumstances. The words that you use to tell your story have power, and when you change the words you use, you can change the way you perceive and live your life. 

The words you attach to your experiences actually become your experiences! For example, have you ever noticed that the more you tell people you’re tired, the more tired you feel? The more you tell people you’re stressed, the more stressed and overwhelmed you feel? The words you use and the stories you create about a situation are more powerful than the situation itself! 

When you change the words you use to describe your thoughts, feelings, and life events to reflect an empowering narrative, you take control and write your own story—you become the architect of your life! 

How exactly do you change your story, though? I’ll tell you!

Focus on the good

What you focus on becomes your reality. 

This might sound crazy to you now, but if you can train yourself to find the good in things, to find the lesson in things, to find the blessing in things - you can create more goodness, lessons, and blessings all around you. 

It’s easy to find the negative in situations or events. It’s not always so easy to find the good. The key is to train yourself to find the good, because what you focus on, you feel, and because what you focus on, you’ll find. 

Take a moment to try it. Look around and notice everything that’s brown. What did you see? Now look around again, and notice everything that’s red. What did you see? Why didn’t you notice all the red stuff when you were looking for brown stuff? Simple—you find what you focus on!

Now, take a moment to notice everything good around you. What is beautiful? What feels pleasurable? What smells good? Who in your life brings you joy? Bringing your awareness to these things and acknowledging your gratitude for them will help train your brain to seek, find, and acknowledge more good in future events and circumstances. 

Use your story to become limitless

As Tony Robbins says, “What’s wrong is always available, but so is what’s right.” Embracing a “life happens for me, not to me” mentality necessitates that you train your brain to seek and create positive situations and opportunities that serve you. When you train yourself to focus on the good, you find the good. 

You can train yourself to focus on your blessings, and you will immediately see how blessed you are. When you train yourself to focus on solutions and opportunities, you find solutions and opportunities, and you’re able to continue building the life and legacy you’ve designed.

When, no matter what, you can look at all that happens in your life and know with every fiber of your being that everything is happening for you, not to you, you have truly taken control over your life experience. You will be able to design a life you love, and set yourself free. 

You can become limitless by embracing an empowering narrative about what is happening for you. When you continue to tell your story, you and everyone around you will see that you are unstoppable, unbreakable, and resilient. 

Use your story to design a life you love

Now that you know how to use words to change your internal story, you can use it to design a life you love. You now have the power to tell your story in a way that empowers yourself and others.

Here are a few ways you can start designing a life you love right now:

  • Identify & Align - Take time to understand where you are and where you want to be. Then, find the tools you need to help you get there. 
  • Community - Part of the journey toward a life you love is in creating a community of people who are also living according to their ‘why’ and can help you stay on track. Your story will resonate with them, and theirs with you. Find others who are living life by design and continue supporting each other in this community. Together, we are limitless.
  • Gratitude - Embrace the power of gratitude and practice it until it becomes the default way you move through the world. 

You have a powerful story and have all the tools available to you to design a life you love. 

You can live life on your terms, generate wealth on your terms, have health on your terms, create a career on your terms, and have relationships with others on your terms. 

Take the next step

You are not defined by external experiences, expectations, and circumstances. You get to claim your narrative, take control of your life, and emerge as the relentless thriver you choose to be. 

One of the best gifts you can give yourself along this journey is the resources and skills you need to continue to grow. 

As you continue to change your story and life, I recommend listening to this free audio recording. In it, I share how you can shift your perspective, create an empowering narrative, and harness the power of gratitude. With these skills, you CAN become the designer of your destiny!

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