Natalia Nutting On Harnessing The Power Of Your Voice and The Impact Of Your Story

Tired of feeling unheard? Sick of being silenced? Longing to speak up and share your story with the world but don’t know how? Today’s guest was once a silent, shy introvert, whose dyslexia made her feel worthless and hide in the shadows. Through a series of tragedies culminating in her losing everything, she found her voice and discovered the power of her story. Now, with almost 3 decades of experience as an actress, television host, storytelling coach, and entrepreneur, she has helped hundreds of experts, coaches, and speakers find their voice, tell their story, and share their inspiring and impactful messages with the world. In this episode, Natalia Nutting chats with Ellie Shefi about the power of your voice and the impact of your story. (Yes, your voice matters, and your story matters!) Natalia shares practical, easy-to-implement story practices that you can use to show up, stand up, and speak up! Don’t miss this episode!


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Natalia Nutting On Harnessing The Power Of Your Voice and The Impact Of Your Story

Our guest was once a silent and shy introvert whose dyslexia made her feel worthless and hide in the shadows. Through a series of tragedies culminating in her losing everything, she found her voice and discovered the power of her story. With decades of experience as an actress, television host, storytelling coach and entrepreneur, she has helped hundreds of experts, coaches and speakers find their voice, tell their stories, and share their inspiring and impactful messages with the world. Having rebuilt her life and business solely through the power and influence of her stories, she has made it her mission to help others do the same. Welcome, Ms. Natalia Nutting. You have had quite a journey. What was your first memory of living life in the shadows and silence on the sidelines? Tell us about that.

Ellie, thank you for having me here. For me, this means success, being here with you and knowing your journey. I've got many memories and sometimes we find it hard to choose one of these memories. We've got so many stories to tell, but I always remember this story. When I was eight years old, just a little girl. I was in a fourth-grade classroom on the second row exactly next to the wall. I raised my shaky hand to ask a question because I didn't understand. The teacher was there at the front saying, “Copy everything because I'm going to erase the board.” I was like, “Can I ask a question?” She looked at me and said, “I've already explained it. How come you don't get it?” Many people talk about childhood trauma but I experienced classroom trauma.

I never thought I would become a teacher because I thought, “This is a disgrace.” That sentence, “How come you don't get it?” I still have it drilled in my mind until now. It might not feel like a tragic experience when you hear it, but at the time, you're a little person and it feels dreadful. All eyes are on you. I put my hand down and I’m like, “How come I don't get it? Why did I dare think that I could ask a question?” It was a language lesson, but the only one doing all the speaking was the teacher.

This is something to pay attention to because we do this as coaches. Many coaches also do all the speaking because we repeat these patterns. I didn't know I had dyslexia at the time. I was experiencing things that I didn't know because there was no label at the time. Many years ago, no one spoke about that. I didn't think that I had a learning disability, but somehow I had a fire coming from my core. I looked at her in the eyes and I didn't say it in words. I said it inside of me. This happens to many introverts. We have this inner world that we speak. I said strongly, “One day, I'll show you there’s another way to teach.”

Would you say that the comment to her of, “I've already explained it, why don't you get it?” was it a turning point for you? It sounds like it was instrumental.

She said to me, “How come you don't get it?” I don't get it because I then realized there was no story in the explanation. It was just rules and things to copy and repeat. The inner voice that I had, “One day I'll show you there's another way to teach,” this moment was the turning point. I knew somehow that I would develop a method but I didn't know how. It's something that stays at the back of your mind and you never know how because I didn't want to become a teacher.

Many years later, I find myself on the same desk, second row next to the wall in a fourth-grade classroom, but the ones at the front of the classroom doing all the speaking were my students. Don't get me wrong. They were not messing about. They were speaking, empowered and sharing their story. They were eight-year-olds. I had developed a method. I was teaching through stories. I discovered it. I don't know how. Many things happen in your life for a reason. From your voice, you find your superpower.

Stories awaken people's imagination. People learn with the power of story, not with rules.

Thousands of students went through my hands, and through the method of me teaching through stories, they found their voices and told their stories. They felt empowered. They embodied these stories and spoke because this is what we need. We need to speak, to communicate, to understand ourselves and others. When you don't have a voice, you feel useless. After developing this method, I started teaching and training teachers to create a greater impact in more classrooms.

When we met, my mission expanded to teach the new teachers of the world and people like you. The experts, coaches and course creators that truly are breaking the chains in people's minds and letting them break through these traumas that we carry from the past. It's people like you that help others dream big and achieve their goals. I made it my mission to empower these people with the tool of teaching through stories, of sharing your stories so that you can create results with people.

When they listen to your story, they feel empowered. They can see, perceive, taste and feel the result through your story when you're sharing it. They take action because it's through the power of stories that we learn. We do not connect with a CV or rules. We forget that. When we listen to a story, our imagination and senses are awakened. We see and feel. We are there and therefore, we can achieve things. We take action.

What a gift that fourth-grade teacher and that comment was. It had changed the entire trajectory of your life. Now all of the thousands of students that have gone through your classrooms and all of the people that you work with, the leaders, speakers, and coaches find their voices, stand in their power and get their message out.

I love that you're putting it in that way. Every time I hear someone say, “What a gift that teacher gave you,” suddenly I remember that it's exactly what you're doing and what you're helping people do. Remember, in your most difficult times, those people that made you suffer, thank them from the bottom of your heart. I still have to go back to my little village there, see that teacher, and give her a big hug because she's still a fourth-grade teacher. I will do that. Thanks for your comment.

Make sure somebody captures that moment. What a full-circle moment that will be. In addition to you having dyslexia and having the experiences of feeling like you couldn't be successful or you were stupid and worthless because you didn't understand, to your point, there were no labels and identification for dyslexia back then. I can only imagine what that felt like as a child. Even persevering through all of that, your life has not been easy. What has been the most difficult obstacle that you have overcome? How did you navigate it?

Some stories are always difficult to tell. If I am to share this story now, which you've heard parts of it, it's these stories that we dread to share because it feels like we are back there and experiencing the trauma again. We are reluctant to go back there. I see this in many of my clients. It's like, “I don't want to go back there.” It's very therapeutic when you can share those experiences in the format of a story because you're sharing from the lesson part. I felt ashamed of this for many years. If you met me a few years ago when I was in the middle of it, you would have met a completely different person. Not as bright and smiley as I am with a completely different body shape.

The truth is that a few years ago, I had to walk away from an abusive relationship. I find it even hard to say that because for me, marriage was sacred, and it still is sacred. It was the toughest decision to make in my life. For years, I experienced all sorts of abuse. I wasn't aware of it at the time. There was this day and I came back from work at school. As I did every day, I went to the back door of the house, not the front door, and rang the bell so that my ex-husband would open it because it was locked from inside. Every day I had to ring the bell and he would go back to the living room where he was with his clients because he worked from home.

I tiptoed, not making a sound so that I wouldn't interrupt his sessions. They should not know that this was a home and that there were people living there. I go to the bedroom and close the door. Every single day for seven and a half years, I told my husband, “Please get a consulting room elsewhere.” No. It's hoarding and saving money for nothing. I would love to have a living room and a kitchen, play my music and speak. I couldn't speak. It's not about my opinions and beliefs.

That day, I was tiptoeing and I closed the door into the bedroom where everything happened. With all my course of studies there sitting on the bed with a computer. I have no desk. I have nothing in that home. I was enclosed in that bedroom but that day was different. I sat down and I could hear echoing the voices of his clients' traumas all the time. I had no rest in my life. My hands started shaking. In my chest, I felt that my heart was being suffocated. I had never experienced that. It was a panic attack. I didn't know what it was because I had never had a panic attack before in my life.

At that moment, I knew that something was wrong. That was a turning point. I wanted to scream, open the door of that living room and say, “Get out of my house. This is my house.” I wanted to own my space but I have no voice. I had been used to not having a voice in my house. The only thing that was in my mind at that moment was one story because my mind was blank. I had one story. It's the story that my sister-in-law had told me about ancient heroes that gave up everything for their beliefs and what they stand for. I said, “That's it. That's enough.” I left. I didn't know what was going to happen.

As a punishment, he kept my whole life savings, the home, the car and everything. I had nothing but I had myself. I knew that I was being congruent with my beliefs for the first time. For me, the most important thing was to have a stance. Make a stance and share your beliefs. I did that on the TV network where I worked. I did that outside but I couldn't do it in my own home with my personal life. At that moment, I felt like, “At last, I have congruence.” I left and lost everything. At that moment when I lost everything, I felt that now I've got nothing to lose.

That's freedom and power. You know my story, so you know I walked a similar path. I was also in a domestic violence marriage and escaped and lived in hiding under a fake name. I resonate with you. I know so many others do as well. There's that feeling of suffocation, being invisible, unheard and powerless. There's that moment when you've taken your power back, you claimed your voice and set yourself free. Although you walked away from everything and had nothing, you were free. What lessons did you learn from that experience?

Once you've lost everything, you gain freedom because you have nothing to lose.

This aspect of nothing to lose is one of the biggest lessons. If you're at that place where you feel you've lost everything, treasure it because it is when you got nothing and reached rock bottom that you have the strength to know that there's nothing to lose and you will do whatever it takes. Whenever I feel that I moved on, gained something, and get a little bit comfortable, as things get a little bit sticky, I remember my story and that moment. I have nothing to lose and that makes me move forward.

Right after me leaving my home, getting the divorce, paying my lawyers, not getting anything back and feeling a lot of disappointment, I allowed myself to feel there's nothing to lose and let go of all of that because I know that I'm restarting my life every single day however I want to design it. When I fled from my country, I was living in Argentina, I went to the UK. I was camping in my brother's living room. I had no home for quite a long time.

My brother said to me, “You can do this course online.” We have all heard about this. You build this course online and make money as you sleep. That felt like a utopia for me. The fact that I grew up in Argentina is a very important point. We have a different mindset. That seemed like the American dream. That's cheesy. There's this mindset of being quite stuck, “You cannot achieve your dreams. They mean nothing.” That's a stack of stories.

Somehow I watched that video and heard the story. You all know these people like Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. I didn't know them. I felt like I was the only person in the world that didn't know them but I resonated with their stories. I was like, “I want the freedom to create my business. Let's do it.” I clicked to buy that program. The price was $2,000. Guess how much I managed to salvage from all of my savings?

It was exactly $2,000.

It's the only thing I had in my bank. If I paid for that, then I would have nothing. You know how that feels. Some of you can relate to this. It's like, “I'm not going to do it. What am I going to do with that $2,000? They would go down the drain.” I said, “If I get this, I'm going to put my whole heart as if my life depends on it.” I clicked and bought it.

How did it feel when you clicked that, knowing that it was every single penny that you had to your name? What was going through your mind and body? How did that feel? That must have been terrifying.

It was terrifying and exciting. At that moment, it was a reality. My business is a reality and a success. It was already done. For my mindset coming from Argentina, you can call it a Third World country, $2,000 is a lot of money. Few people invest that in education because there, we have a system with free education. We are used to having things fed to us. That meant a lot. For me, it was like, “Click here.” I followed each thing to the letter. I trusted. I had faith. That's something important. In whatever you do, have absolute faith and surrender yourself to the process.

You will tap into what you know and your intelligence. In the doing, things will happen. I graduated in three weeks. Some people graduated in years. People don't ever get to finish those courses, but I did it all to the letter. In three weeks, I graduated and created my company, Unstoppable Storytellers. I was out there teaching and sharing my stories on all the platforms I could. Sometimes, I feel ridiculous and uncomfortable on camera, but who cares? I kept on doing it. It's being ridiculous and testing. It's yourself judging yourself because others feel that you are a hero. You're putting yourself out there.

You took that messy and uncomfortable action, and then you committed because you had nothing else to lose. That was every penny you had, so you better make something of it. I love how that is another full-circle moment of you had nothing to lose and everything to gain so you dove in. What advice would you give to someone who feels like they have nothing to say, their voice doesn't matter or they're uncomfortable on camera. All of the things that go through their head of why they're not out there using their voice and sharing their message.

For me, it's not about you. It's about them. It's about who is listening. I'm going to share with you my first day in a studio recording the news because I was a news anchor for many years. On the first day in 2009, I was there in the studio with the lights on my face. There was a huge camera in front of my face. I was grabbing the desk, and my fingers were there frozen. It's like, “3, 2, 1, lights.”

That's how I was, frozen. There was so much pressure. Thank God it was not live. It was prerecorded. We did one, two takes. By the tenth take, it was not news anymore, but we had to put it out there on social media. That's where we were on Facebook. We put it out there. I dreaded that moment because I thought and felt that I looked ridiculous. My hair, makeup and voice, I hated every single thing. I dreaded to read the first comment. I read and it said, “God bless you. If it weren't for you, we would still be in the dark.” It was by a lady called Maria.

How stupid I was and all the stupid thoughts that I had in my mind. She reminded me of the reason why I was there doing the news. We were doing uncensored news. For her, we were heroes. I had lost touch with that. No one was speaking about what we were speaking. If it weren't for us, she would be in the dark. It was not about how my voice sounded and how I looked. Forget about all that. It's about the message that they need to hear.

The next day, I went into the studio, looked into the camera and only thought of Maria. I read the news and we recorded the news in one take. From that day on, this particular program went viral on Facebook. For a whole year, we were viral and people were receiving uncensored news. I knew that it was not about me. It was about them. I had to let go of all those fears. Who cares about that? It's about the message. It's not the messenger. It's the message.

It's always about the message, not the messenger.

When you remember that it's about them and how meaningful what you have to say is for others, you will always stay on topic and you will flow. I'm nervous and shaking, but something else is speaking through me because I know that I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this for you because I want you to have a voice, speak with power and speak your true self. I know that we are much more than what we think we are. We need to communicate and express ourselves because that's how we learn about ourselves and others. We grow in communication.

You have developed several programs and your signature methodology that helps people to find their voice, tell their story and get their message out into the world. You've given us a little hint and glimpses into your process and into those programs that you've developed. Tell us more about those.

Something I'm very proud of is the Hero Story Bank. I'll explain what that means. I shared my story. Before, I couldn't speak. I didn't have a voice but I longed to speak. I discovered drama. That was incredible. This is as a girl. I started when I was ten years old and I would go on stage. Right when you're about to go on stage, you're shaking. All of a sudden, you forgot all the script and all the words that were there, I forgot everything. The curtain goes up and suddenly you're not yourself anymore. You are the story and it flows. In everyday life, we don't have a script.

In everyday life, I didn't feel that I flowed. I couldn't speak and express myself. I couldn’t create a sentence without blushing and feeling that I was telling something that had any meaning. I would stop half-sentence because I didn't know myself. I know that's a big thing, but not many people get to know their selves and I longed for that. I spent so many years in solitude and silence, daydreaming in my garden. I remember lying down there on the grass, looking at the sky and daydreaming of how I could have a bank of things to say and stories that could come out of my pocket that I could tell at the right moment and have the right thing to say. I longed for that for decades.

When I became a teacher, I was sharing stories of ancient heroes. I loved them and believed in them. I do believe in fairytales. I'm very naive but still, there were stories of others, and there was something else that needed to empower myself. It was only when I started to tap into my personal stories and experiences in life, understanding all those tragic moments or things that you don't like that you went through, that you feel happened to you, and finding a lesson in each one of them, “What was it that I clung into? What was the value that helped me go through this and achieve something?”

When you do that process, you start getting to know yourself. When you put it in the format of a story, you have something meaningful to say. You have an experience that has a lesson and message for others. Suddenly, you feel empowered and proud of yourself. You feel clear about who you are. That is how I created the Hero Story Bank because ultimately, I believe that all of us are heroes, just like those hero fairytales. I feel that they were real at some point. They were real people. They lived an honorable life. They went through some stuff and reflected upon it, therefore, now we tell their tales.

How about you? With all the things you've been through, why not you be the stuff of tales for the future? For that, you need to go through a process, which can be grueling because you need to go inside and reflect upon yourself. Excuse me if this sounds cheesy but in becoming a better person, you have to know yourself and then you create stories about yourself. They are not just for you. They are for you but they are for others so that others can understand the point and grasp something. You can use them for teaching, coaching and connecting with people.

These cards are much more valuable than any credit card that you might have in your purse. These are story cards. They are worth billions. These are the story cards of my life. I've got dozens of them. These are part of the Hero Story Bank because your stories can save your bank. I had nothing and lost everything. It was my stories that I started sharing out there that allowed me to get everything back. When I had zero in the bank, I had my Hero Story Bank that managed to create quite a juicy bank in the end. It doesn't matter. If I get to lose everything again, I got my story cards.

The creation of your Hero Story Bank, the process of looking inward, taking inventory of your life experiences, values, beliefs, and putting them on these incredible cards to create your story bank. Would you say that it has been the most valuable tool or a resource that you've developed and now that you help others develop?

Yes. First of all, it has helped me because I still feel that trauma or feeling that, “I've got nothing meaningful to say.” It's drilled in me. I'm always shaking every time I'm going to speak but I've got these cards. I look at them and they give me confidence. It's very simple words that show me the path in bullet points of my stories and the lessons. When I help my clients through these processes, it's a threefold process. First, you gain clarity of who you are, your identity, beliefs, and what you stand for through your stories.

We create a story bank of 30 stories in 30 days. It sounds incredible because some people work for a whole year in one story. It's their stage story, but there's more. There are many mini-stories and daily stories that give you clues of who you are. We extract them through a process that I guide you through where I get you into inspiration mode. Suddenly, they all start coming. They are stories that you forgot you experienced. We get into this process of being comfortable sharing them on camera.

You get comfortable with yourself speaking them out because maybe there are some stories you've never shared before. You create this story bank. First, it gives you clarity on who you are. When you see this layout of all of your stories, it gives you the confidence to share your message because you feel like, “I got something meaningful to share.” This is part of my method. I don't want to reveal all the secrets but we put them into three separate containers or pillars. They are the three main pillars in your life and business.

Therefore, now you've got the conviction to speak with power because with this, you create a congruent and clear course curriculum or layout for your book. Congruence is such an important word. My clients have to go through this process in three months. They feel that confidence to come out of the shadows and launch their online programs, books, and podcasts because now they have something to say that is not a script that they learned in a marketing course. It's their own stories.

You mentioned a few times now the importance of being congruent. How are you able to stay congruent and in alignment with your values, mission, and purpose?

Everyone has a hero's story.

That is the key. Live up to your purpose, not to anyone's expectations. You know this. You are a living testament to this. If you live up to other people's expectations, you are nothing. You're wishy-washy. You're not what they expect. You're not yourself. Therefore, you exhaust yourself to be liked and have people say how great you are. You feel betrayed when you don't get that. Do not expect anything from others and live to what you think are their expectations because it might be something you have in your mind or a notion.

It might not be their expectations, so you might as well be you. At least you are something. Make a stance. That congruence gives confidence to others because they feel like, “Even though I might not agree with this person, she's standing there. She's got a point and she's not going to bend.” We don't like people that bend and are wishy-washy because that doesn't give us confidence. We're not going to surrender ourselves because we're not going to find anyone that is going to hold us. Be yourself, however weird you are. I consider myself a misfit or a weirdo. I'm so happy and proud about that. Just be yourself.

I said to Ellie, “I'm so proud of being interviewed. I put makeup on.” In everyday situations and if I'm with my clients and on-camera doing my videos, I don't even put makeup on. I don't care. I want to show myself as I am. Whoever doesn't like it, that's good for them. Whoever likes it, that's the people I resonate with and who I want to attract. If you are yourself, you get a chance to attract the right people that you will want to have a meaningful relationship with, be it any type of relationships like friendship or business relationship. That is key. Just be yourself.

Your secret sauce for staying in alignment with your mission, values, purpose and beliefs is to show up as the authentic aligned you and all of your quirks, glory, and light. Embrace it and show up as you. What a powerful secret sauce. Piggybacking on that, self-care is critical. You mentioned that you have to fuel yourself. How do you make sure that when you are pouring into others and serving others so powerfully, you also pour into yourself and serve yourself? What habits or routines do you use for your self-care?

That is crucial because we work with the stories of other people. Sometimes it can be exhausting. I know deep down inside that I am an introvert. Even though I'm speaking and sharing stories, and I'm a speaker, I am an introvert. I acknowledge that. I'm quite a hermit, so I make sure that I have a lot of me-time. I design my week to have a lot of me time in solitude. I live on my own in an Airbnb and I need to have at least three hours outside in nature in absolute solitude. I either grab my bike and go for a bike ride or walk. I live in a place where I have the countryside next to me and big walks. I can't live in the city.

I make sure that I do my meditation every single day, no matter what I practice. I practice Falun Dafa and I've been practicing it for years. I do my meditation and exercises every single day, especially when I don't fancy it. Sometimes it's like, “I can't be bothered.” Somehow you know that when you do it, something happens. Your mind is more expanded and you feel more kindness. I must be honest, one morning, I didn't want to get out of bed. It was like, “It's so cozy.” I had tons of things to do. We've got many patterns that we developed of behavior. Sometimes we train ourselves to be low and not be happy or whatever.

I said, “To heck with it.” I pulled the duvet out and said, “I'm going for a cold plunge.” I went for a cold plunge and it was rainy. It's winter in the UK. It's always drizzly and miserable, but I made that decision. Even though when I came out of bed, I regretted that decision. I didn't want to do it but I did it in any case. I went out and you get the reward because the sun came out. There was a huge rainbow on the other side. I went right there for my cold plunge. It was freezing but at that moment, I felt so connected to the elements, nature and myself.

The biggest thing is do not think, just do it. Create a healthy routine and do it. The thoughts that come like, “I'll do it later,” do not pay attention to those thoughts. Many of those thoughts are not even yours. There are messages all there. There's a huge universe happening in the air but you might not see it. It might interfere with your thoughts. Do not pay attention to those. Stick to the routine and do it. It is in the doing and action that you can develop your true identity and true wisdom.

Creating that routine for yourself that nourishes you and fills you up and then sticking to that is so important. It's the power of a routine and your self-care. It's knowing yourself and carving out that space to replenish and feed your soul so that you can go out and serve others. You've also touched on a few times the inner critic, the external, or the limiting beliefs that sometimes can arise.

You've shared with us many powerful golden nuggets on how to silence the inner critic, smash your limiting beliefs, or power through and silence the voices in your head and tune out the external. If you had to pick one additional tool, resource or helpful hint that can help our audience come home to themselves with that clarity and commitment, what would that be?

I love that you're drilling and trying to get back to the nitty-gritty. This is a work in progress because that inner critic comes all the time. New level, new devil. That's what they say. Faith is a big thing. However, you might feel it yourself. Even if you're not religious or whatever, faith is a congruence for me. Faith is believing in one thing. At least, it can be you. It's believing that you can and sticking to it.

No matter what, do not let those thoughts define who you are. Believe in who you truly are because when you extract your stories, and this is why I work with the Story Bank, there you see who you truly are. What were the values that allowed you to succeed in all of the struggles you went through? Cling to those and not the inner critic, which are the learned things. You know everything is within you so have faith in that.

I noticed that you are very playful and a huge part of your methodology is to have fun. Where did that come from?

I had the blessing of working with children because for many years, I’ve worked for the government being around corrupted people. I got fed up. One day, I resigned from my job and started to work with children and that was a blessing for me. For several years, I experienced working with children and I learned from them much more than they learned from me. Whenever you prompt them to do something, they just go for it and do it. They’re so brave.

They don’t care about what other people will think and their expectations. They just go for it and do it. Everything is a game. Through that playfulness, they learn tons. What we might learn in 30 years, they learn it in less than a week. I thought, “This is amazing.” I remember going into the classrooms where I work every day and I was just a child. I was so playful. The children would come dancing. They felt themselves with me because I was being playful, childish, and they allowed themselves also to be who they are. I noticed that even children are expected to behave in a way that they are not like behaving like adults.

I think that we all carry our inner child and I see all of us adults as little children with big bodies. I'm like, "Get over it." Just play like everything is a game. When I tap into that playfulness mode, I don’t care. I share my stories, even the silliest and funniest stories. I share them on my social media and I don’t care what the reaction will be. It’s just playful. That playfulness has helped me also launch many times on my business the different iterations of my program activate.

Just before launching, you feel this dreadful feeling because you are going to pitch something. You feel like, “People are not going to like it. I’m going to be silly.” It’s the imposter syndrome. Every time I said, “Let’s just play with it. It’s just a game. Let’s have fun,” it worked. I could say that it’s the biggest thing. Remember that you are just a child and this is all a game. Play with it. Have fun.

I love the idea of not taking it too seriously. To have fun it. Make it a game. Play more, stress less. Thank you. What an incredible tidbit. As we wrap up here, I want to thank you so much for sharing your story. I want to thank you for showing up in the world as powerfully as you do and for finding that fire from that fourth-grade teacher to turning that into your mission and purpose. Also, for helping others to find their voice, believe in themselves, become confident, get clear on their message, and go out and share that message powerfully with the world. As our time together comes to a close, I ask you what message or parting words would you like to share?

For a long time, my mission was to revive the ancient hero stories because I felt that there was so much wisdom in those stories that were not being told and not many people knew about them. The ancient stories could inspire people. I kept on asking myself, “Why is that so important? Why all these old tales?” Maybe you don't believe in this but this is what I believe. Maybe we fulfill those roles in the past as those heroes. I believe that we are all heroes. We have the potential to become heroes. My message is that you can become, embody and speak as the hero that you truly are to make this a life worth living and be the stuff of tales for the future.

How can people find out more about your work or connect with you?

You can follow my Facebook page. I'm very simple. I'm only on Facebook. I will open a podcast but that's not up yet. You can follow my Facebook page Unstoppable Storytellers or my profile, Natalia Nutting. If you do that, please do send me a message because otherwise it might get lost.

Thank you so much. You are a gift to the world. Until next time.

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About Natalia Nutting

Natalia Nutting was once a silent, shy introvert, whose dyslexia made her feel worthless and hide in the shadows. Through a series of tragedies culminating in her losing everything, she found her voice and discovered the power of her story.

Now, with almost 3 decades of experience as an actress, television host, storytelling coach, and entrepreneur, she has helped hundreds of experts, coaches, and speakers find their voice, tell their story, and share their inspiring and impactful messages with the world.

Having rebuilt her life and business solely through the power and influence of her stories, she has made it her mission to help others do the same.