Michelle Sorro On Sovereignty And Liberated Leadership


Are you longing to claim your sovereignty, tap into your infinite potential, and live a liberated life? Do you desire to be fully present, conscious, and intentional with your thoughts, choices, and actions? If so, then this is one episode you won’t want to miss!

In today’s episode, media host, visionary, and transformational trainer Michelle Sorro chats with Ellie Shefi about stepping into your sovereignty and living a conscious, aligned, liberated life.  Michelle shares actionable strategies you can use to awaken to your infinite potential. If you’re ready to elevate your life and live life on your own terms, tune in today! 



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Michelle Sorro On Sovereignty And Liberated Leadership

Our guest is a former TV retail host turned seven-figure transformational trainer and CEO of Michelle Sorro, Inc. She is the Founder of Liberated Leadership and Live Sales Mastery. Her trainings have generated over $20 million in revenue for her clients, who range from emerging experts to established entrepreneurs, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, and even a United States presidential candidate.

She is the Co-founder of the Podcast Accelerator and the host of the Fire and Soul Podcast. A top podcast in self-development. Using her voice to facilitate contemplation, reflection, awareness, consciousness, and sovereignty, she is on a mission to empower millions to awaken to their infinite potential.


Welcome, Michelle Sorro. You are on fire. You have been going through your own great awakening, and now, you are leading the charge on truly living a life that is free by design. Congratulations. You are amazing.

Thank you, Ellie. Congratulations on this show. What an honor to be one of your guests. It is so fun to be here. I’m happy for you.

Thank you. I want to circle back to some of those earlier pivotal moments that prepared you in your journey for this time. In your former life, you had a long and illustrious career as a television retail host. What made you walk away from that and step into entrepreneurship?

I would not say that I thought I was walking away. I was being called. What happened is I had finally landed my, at that time, absolute dream job on my dream show. I wanted to work on EXTRA. It is a prime-time entertainment news show that has been out for several years now. I finally landed that gig. It was a once-a-week segment of mine.

It was a shopping segment, and I got to work with Mario Lopez. It was super fun. There was a lot of conversation around accelerating my role and expanding it into a weekend correspondent. I got invited to the network's holiday party but I had tickets to Date with Destiny, which is a six-day seminar with Tony Robbins. This was December of 2017.

I remember thinking in my mind, “Tony, help me turn this one-day-week gig into a full-time, maybe even award-winning role on EXTRA.” By day four of Date with Destiny, I dropped to my knees, and I started sobbing because I heard this call, this voice, this message, however you want to refer to it - and it was clear. It was, "Your dream as a television host has been realized. You are now here for so much more. That was your little girl dream. It was how you wanted to know that you mattered and you were worthy in life.” All that was true but it was shocking. With my heart cracked wide open and exhausted from the event, I sat with it. The next day someone said, “You should start a podcast.”

I was like, “A podcast?” I thought that they were reserved for celebrities and big mega brands, and that is where it began. I was called into leadership, coaching, and being an entrepreneur. I would now reference myself as a spiritual entrepreneur because it is all an inside job no matter what you are doing in life. I stayed on EXTRA for three more years. The gift in that was a one-day-a-week segment that paid my bare minimum bills and enabled me to be able to explore becoming an entrepreneur, starting masterminds, and growing my podcast. God was so good, Ellie. That is all I can say. I had three years to expand, and by the fourth year, my revenue had 5X what I got on EXTRA.


I was like, “I’m ready to let go.” I had signed a contract. To wrap this up quickly, COVID hit, and all of the production was shut down, as you probably remember. Nobody was working and doing live TV, and then it was all remote. Because of its nature, everyone was being so precautious, our segment got put on hold for about six months. I remember thinking, “This is such a gift.”

My business doubled in that year. This was 2020. The next thing I knew, I received an email saying, “We are going to pay you for the remaining episodes on your contract but we are exiting this partnership, so your services will no longer be needed.” They were worried about how I would feel about it. I was like, “Yes,” because I did not want to bail on them but I was like, “This is anointed.” Do you know what I mean by that? It was awesome.

What an incredible gift that you had the three years to cultivate your businesses - to dive in and explore your passions, develop your  methodologies, decide what you want to offer, and how you want to bring that all together. Knowing that the universe was supporting you financially through that contract and then to get paid for those last episodes. What an incredible gift.

It reminds me so much of what one of my spiritual teachers, Dr. Reverend Michael Beckwith from the Agape International Spiritual Center. You are probably familiar with him. I remember he said because this is where a lot of women and people, in general, get stuck. “They do not believe they can live their life free by design because they get caught up in the how.” I wanted to be on EXTRA. I did not know how it was going to turn out. It took ten years for that dream to be realized. It showed up in a retail segment, which wasn’t what I thought it would be but Reverend Michael Beckwith used to say, “Let the how to be the wow.”

If you tap into that and put your focus there, then it was like, “I’m feeling this call to grow my podcast, a coaching business, and be a spiritual entrepreneur.” I did not know the how but if we get caught up in the how we get stuck. We do not think it is possible, so the wow is following the nudge and going forward one step at a time.

You are answering the call, being present, receiving, and then trusting. Even within that, even when you are trusting or letting the how be the wow, undoubtedly, there are moments of fear or negative self-talk or some limiting beliefs or doubt that may arise. How did you navigate that when those moments appeared?

It is so interesting because the answers are always similar and almost seemingly trite but they are profound because they are fundamental. The bottom line is, I made every part of this journey, whether it was on TV for 4,000 hours in 10 years because I was on other shows before then and then transitioning into starting a podcast where the Imposter syndrome was massive. A lot of people assume that “You were on TV for ten years, and you have logged all those hours of live production. How could you have any doubts, worries, or fears?”


Let the how be the wow.


It is easy because we are all human, and we worry about being judged, and what others will think but mainly, it is because we are judging ourselves. What I have done every step of the way when I get conscious enough to remember is to take myself out of the equation. I remember deciding instead of getting so caught up in the outfit that I was wearing, what my weight was, how young and pretty I looked, and all that other stuff that is BS and keeps many of us small. It's the surface stuff that the ego loves to attach to and keeps us small.

I remember thinking, “What if I walked in and my only job was to serve love? How can I serve love?” Even more now on the set, right to the camera, to the viewers, to your viewers and audience now. I made it be not about me and only about how can I serve. I even wanted to embody love, joy, and the celebration of life because where focus goes, energy flows. It is a very famous quote by Tony Robbins and many others. I would say getting myself out of the way every single time and remembering who this is for. Even if it is only one person that I can reach now, then I have done my job. I have answered the call.

That is such a powerful golden nugget that our audience can implement now. For those who say, “That is great but how do you take your ego out of it?” What would you say to them? What is something they can do now to get unstuck to remove their ego from the equation?

I would first have an understanding of what their idea of ego is. Ego, for me, is a non-conscious mind. It is only the monkey mind but a conscious mind is present. Take a breath, and come back to this now moment. Everything is okay. You are safe. It is okay to be afraid. It is okay to move forward while being afraid. Until you let your mind know who’s running the show. Consciousness that we are not separate from this grand divine energy and realm of infinite possibilities, that sounds a little out there but it is the truth. We are being asked to wake up to more of who we are now.

It is getting clear. What is ego for you anyway? Once you have decided, “That is not who I am. I’m a beautiful light being. I’m here to serve, give, and be worthy of being seen and heard.” It is a lot of self-talk but once your condition and discipline your mind, you become devoted to who you want to be versus what you are afraid of being perceived as.

You have been going through some amazing transformations over the last nine months to a year, where you have gone inward, done the work, taken the time to reflect, taking time to get clear. I would love for you to share some of that process with our audience because so many people are going through that at this time. Take us on the journey of who you were before your great awakening, who are you now, and who you feel called to become.

The mass awakening that is happening has been caused by what someone referred to as mass hypnosis with the mainstream media. It started with the COVID crisis. I’m not denying COVID and I’m not an anti-vaxxer, FYI. I’m pro-choice for body autonomy for whatever you want to put into your body but because there has been so much, some would call tyranny coercion, censorship, and you name it.


If you have done any research, you are fully aware of this - of everything that is happening on the other side of the mainstream media narrative. This is causing a lot of people to wake up to what is going on. When you take it back to the origin of why is this happening? What is in this injection, and all this other stuff? It has caused massive polarization.

Not only here in America but also around the world. It is now to be an estimated way over 50% of humanity has awakened. It is like, “Something is up,” whether they are injected or not, we are waking up to how do we fight for our freedoms. Where was I before? Completely ignorant. Ignorance is often bliss.

I did not know how tied into everything it is too, honestly, for lack of a better term, to the Matrix. If you go back to that movie of 1999, you are like, “The writing is on the wall.” How do we break free? That requires a tremendous amount of courage, an unbelievable amount of bravery, and sovereignty. As I was waking up and beginning to be willing to do research, connect the dots, and invest hundreds of hours, there was no turning back. It was very clear to me what was going on behind the scenes that I had been blind to. It was extremely painful, and excruciating in the beginning. Quite frankly, I did not know if I could make it through.

I began to embody more strength because I decided to focus on a victorious future versus a grim one. I started to get empowered because of my spiritual work. This is truly the great awakening, the mass awakening, the Grand Ascension, however you want to refer to it as. You want to be free by design. It is like unplugging from anything that is centralized and mandated. Who are you? What do you want? What do you stand for?

All of it can be included with something that I have learned from Aubrey Marcus, who has an incredible podcast called United Polarity. I believe that humanity is in this together, and I’m here to help serve anyone who wants to be brave and simply stand for their truth based on their own research, analysis, and learning. There is not a public place for that in the typical social channels but it is explosive behind the scenes, so we are not alone.

Is that what inspired your program Liberated Leadership? Tell us about that.

The first step that I made was shifting the entire focus of my podcast to cultivate conversations around sovereign leadership. I ended up hiring a coach. I went into a five-month program. A deeply spiritual program like learning to attune to the archangels and learning about crystal healing. That is where I started to expand into my awareness of this divine alliance that is truly waiting to support, protect, and guide us.


Embody love, joy, and the celebration for life no matter where you are in the journey because where focus goes, energy flows.


Along those lines, I ended up meeting someone by the name of Michael Eisen, and together, we had been dreaming of how can we help others step up, rise up, be brave and find their unique role and get out of that wildly emotional roller coaster of what is real, what is not real and all that other stuff that is out there.

Liberated leadership is a three-month container where we take you first through a process of understanding what you know and how that is impacting you, then to reclamation, which is reclaiming your sovereignty and your personal power, then we go into integration, which is like, “Now, what do I do with this?” It might be something locally and small within a community that maybe you help to organize or participate in.

You do not necessarily need to shout anything from the social media rooftops or on a podcast like myself but your voice matters. The final phase is activation, where we go through group coaching, and mentorship and where everyone is out there embodying all that they have been liberated from that was formerly holding them back, and now they are standing firm for the unwavering faith and truth that they believe in.

You have helped hundreds of people to find their voice, craft their message, and launch their podcasts. You have created this incredible army of people who now have platforms to speak their truth and to showcase others. How does that feel?

It is so deeply fulfilling. Part of my purpose that, by the way, has remained even with this mass awakening. It may have shifted ever so slightly in terms of programming but it still awakened millions to their infinite potential. You said that at the top of this conversation. The reality is that it is very close because there is a ripple effect.

When the people that we help bring their voice and vision to life by starting a podcast, for example, because we have the only done for you podcasting production and master coaching program in the world called the Podcast Accelerator. There are people like me and you. They have stepped up, learned a thing or two, are deeply passionate, and want to serve.

Watching them get out, grow their show, and stand for what they believe in is very diverse, so beautiful, and profound, whether it is a business professional, an entrepreneur, a life coach, a stay-at-home mom, or someone who likes to knit. We have seen it all, and they find their audience, their community, and create more community and they grow. That ripple effect of what their podcast is doing and how it is expanding is a direct connection to me.


Answering that call back in the day at Tony Robbins Date with Destiny, it is like, “It is happening.” You can’t underestimate the power of one conversation and how then that might impact another conversation. You have no idea where it is all going to go. Many people get caught up in like, “I want to reach the masses.” That is part of my mission but it is like, “Start right where I am. Have a conversation with Ellie, and let’s see what happens.”

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you change the world? One conversation at a time. One connection at a time. I love that you have answered that call. You are so aligned in your mission and your purpose, the way that you show up in the world, and the way that you serve from such a pure place. You are an incredible mentor to so many. You have mentioned and referenced some of your great mentors and people that you have worked with. What has been the most profound piece of advice that you have received from any of your mentors?

There are a couple of things. What Tony Robbins got me present to first, which was like the rocket ship of me stepping into what I’m doing, it is all around living in a beautiful state. When you change your state, your physiology, or your mental attitude, all of it, you can do anything but when you are in a low vibe state, nothing happens, and you see the worst in everything. When you are highlighting, and you learn to raise your own frequency, everything in life is extraordinary. It is all a gift and blessing. Now, four years later, my personal work has deepened.

What is happening now is I’m working with, and this could sound a little out there, my angels, my guides, and ascended masters. I have an entire divine team. And what I discovered during the first months of my very acute awakening is that I’m not alone. I have learned now to commune, ask for guidance and verification that they are with me.

I have to be honest. Where I learned that is by watching a YouTube show. I have never met him. His name was Michael Sandler. He hosts Inspire Nation on YouTube. By the grace of God, I came across him months ago, and now, I’m completely obsessed. He’s helped me to learn how to do that. By the guests that he has on, I will then go and follow them. He has been a beautiful catalyst for me to discover what is possible in the infinite realm.

All things are connected and everything in its divine timing and its divine way.

Yes, that is exactly it. We put our faith there, and we learn to embody self-trust. We are so afraid oftentimes to like, “Should I do this? Should I do that? I shouldn’t do that. What are they going to think?” I get it because I used to do that all the time. I still get it. Back to your question like, “What about when the worry, the doubt, and the fear come up?” Are you kidding? The stand that I’m taking for what is going on in the world and the silence in this space, especially amongst women, is deafening. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to even have that little bitty discussion about it here, Ellie. It is brave.


You embody more strength when you decide to focus on a victorious future versus a grim one.


Now, it is where we are headed, and we are going to see more of that but when you step out into that lane and you are like, “It is quiet out here.” It can feel scary because everyone is so worried about canceled culture. No one is doing anything that they want to do anymore. Very few but when you learn to embody self-trust, and self-reliance and know that you are not alone with the invisible realm, that is the most powerful divine guidance. You go forward one little step at a time.

As you are connecting to the divine or as you are progressing on your journey, what is something that you wish someone would have shared with you earlier?

I wish - so much so, in fact, that I could cry thinking about it - I wish I had discovered my divine team a long time ago. I wish they taught it in elementary school. I wish that it was mandatory that we learn meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and to take time in nature. I wish that we could understand that the creative process of all of Earth is within us, and we are not separate from that, so we understand our true personal power, not from an egoic sense but in a beautifully orchestrated unfolding. That sounds a little out there but I wish I would have learned that so that I could have had true self-confidence. Again, that is like this place of deep empowerment.

Marianne Williamson had a beautiful poem. Remember, that came out many years ago. Probably over two decades ago. It starts with "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." I have the whole thing memorized, and I could go on but that is it, and yet, we forgot. When we see a beautiful sunset, an incredible mountain range or a beautiful river, we tap back into nature, and we are like, “Yes, there is a remembrance.” I wish that I would have disciplined myself to devote the time to grow in that awareness but I’m here now. All is in divine timing, and there is no turning back but it is incredible when you know you are not alone in that way.

You are not alone. You are never alone. You are always supported and guided when you are present, when you come home yourself, take a breath, get still, and listen. You have referenced trusting your guidance and your intuition - to someone who is new on that journey, who has not yet begun that journey or has not stepped into that - what is a first step that you could recommend to them or something that they could do to begin to recognize their intuition?

I have a lot to say on this. Intuition is a direct channel to Christ’s consciousness of the divine. I used to have that question all the time like, “How do I know? Is it intuition or fear?” The truth is, first, you’ve got to get that channel clear, so clear mind, body, and spirit.


One of the parts of my mass awakening and journey in 2021 is that I let go of alcohol completely. I let go of any frequencies that no longer resonated. Even where I lived, I had an identity around Santa Monica, California for twenty years. I loved it. I never thought I would leave. I invested $50,000 in 2020 during the year of lockdowns to remodel my place. In 2021, by the fall, it no longer resonated. It was like, “I’ve got to get out.” I left overnight and put everything in storage. I was like, “I will know what is next when it is time to go there.”

You’ve got to get clear on the mind-body connection piece to tune in to the intuitive channel. That is direct guidance from all that is. There is that. I offer that as a loving recommendation of alcohol, drugs, social scrolling, distractions, and food. We all know the things in which we numb ourselves out like television, Netflix or all those things.

It is like, “Is the content conscious? Am I feeding my soul and my mind versus trying to dump it because I do not want to feel what is there?” The second piece is that once you have done a little bit of discipline on that, then start to observe. Reactions versus intention. Do not, for the love of God, judge yourself. I’m like, “I’m so horrible. I reacted. I lashed out at that moment.”

You have got to come back to yourself if you want to grow in this area and transcend it. First, accepting that. Getting clear on what that was. What the gift in that for you and taking full 100% radical responsibility. It is never about anyone else. Anything that we are experiencing in life is a direct reflection of what is happening in our nervous system or our stack stories over the decades.

Once you take ownership over like, “What is going on in my nervous system?” You can begin to regulate it by getting present with breathwork again. From there, you decide to make a move because your intuitive channel is now clear. You can ask your guides, your angels, and your ascended masters if you have learned to cultivate that communication. "I would love some guidance. What should I do now?" You will begin to get the answers. It is beautiful.

Thank you for diving into that process. It is an extremely helpful step-by-step process that so many can follow. When they get to that stage where they are asking for guidance, what is your biggest tip for helping them to discern when they are thinking or hearing an answer, whether that is ego fear, their guides or themselves?

There is something in the realm of the divine field known as signs, symbols, and synchronicities, and there is another phrase or analogy referred to as the feather, a brick, truck. We are always being guided but not necessarily listening. Once you start to see the signs, you pay attention. Let’s say a butterfly takes flight right in front of your face. You are outside, and you are on your phone.


You can't underestimate the power of one conversation and how it might impact another conversation.


Maybe that is a sign from your angels and your guides and/or intuition, however, you want to refer to that. It is like, “Look up,” then maybe you look up and see the most incredible cloud formation with the color that reminds you of someone that is passed on or that is a beautiful message to say, “I’m with you. I see you, I love you, and you are not alone.” Oftentimes, we do not even pay attention to the butterfly. If we stay on our phones, we miss the whole thing. That could be something like that.

It is like learning to notice the whispers and the nudges, then learning to trust the deep inner knowing, also referred to as sovereignty, about when to make a move, how to make a move, and where to make move. It is a discipline. If you try it, you start to tune in and get present, you will know. You won’t even question, “Is this fear or intuition?” This is a process. It is a journey but you will get better at it. Before you know it, you do not ever make a move without it.

That is so beautiful. It is a process, a journey, and a practice. I love something you said, which is, “Do not judge yourself,” especially as you are going through your own awakening. For the audience, your own process of questioning and contemplating, “Who am I? Who do I want to be? What do I value? What do I want to contribute to the world? How do I want to serve? How do I want to show up?”

Do not judge yourself. Show yourself some grace because it is all a process. Michelle, when you are a trailblazer, you are out there, you look around, and you are at the front of the pack or the only guest at the party, so to speak, how do you tune out the critics or the noise so that you can stay aligned and sovereign on your path?

I will be honest. There have been moments when I have been in the fetal position, crying my eyes out and so scared. It is felt like, “Why me? I do not want to do that. I can destroy everything that I have ever created and built.” I was observing those thoughts, then I was like, “That fear is going to keep everyone stuck, small, and silent.” By the way, also in massive compliance, they are never thinking for themselves, ruffling feathers or deciding for themselves. There have been several podcasts on my show, for example, where it was out by noon that day, I’m like, “I’ve got to take it down. I can’t believe I shared that,” then a little voice would say, “You could own it.”

The lesson is to own it. Whatever is coming through, own it. I will also say that there is a lot of grace. My guess is that whoever was drawn to your show is going to be on a similar path in life. I do not have a lot of toxicity. I did not get a lot of backlash. I do not even think I had anyone unfollow me. Maybe they did. I do not check that stuff but I had earned enough credit and equity over the years of putting out such service, love, consciousness, and positivity that was real, authentic, and full of integrity. I became known for that. If you are getting a lot of backlash and if it is dramatic out there in the social tapestry, then that might be a good time to not judge it but to check in with yourself.

It is like, “Is this a thing? Is what is happening on social media as an example or in certain conversations a reflection of maybe how I’m talking to myself? Where can I give myself a little more grace as I’m learning so much now?” If we are on the awakening journey, we have gone through so much change and transformation these past years. The only thing left now is to own it, move forward, and make peace with wherever you are out of alignment with not serving from your highest self.


As we start to wind down here, let’s imagine it is coming to the end of your life best lived, a life where you are fully conscious, fully awake, liberated, and sovereign. You have served every day to your highest potential. You have loved, played, and laughed. It is the end of your life. What do you want to be remembered for?

I work on a new primary question virtually every year. It is something that I also learned at Date with Destiny, which I highly recommend for anyone who is called. The primary question is the loop that you play in the back of your mind in conversation or when you are conscious. My primary question for 2022 is, “How can I be even more present now?” I do not know if there is anything else that I would want to be remembered for that is more important than that. When I’m present, I’m loving, radiating love. I’m not forecasting a future. I’m not living in the past and attaching stickies and stacking the evidence as to why I can’t connect with you. Not you but the metaphorical you or a euphemistic you.

When I’m present, I’m aware of how blessed life is, how blessed I am, and how grateful I am to be in this moment. If I could be remembered for a while, I felt seen and connected with Michelle when I was with her. It is like no one else even existed. If I can embody that consistently, that is a beautiful life well lived.

Are there any parting words of wisdom or final thoughts you would like to share with the audience?

Trust the journey, trust yourself and learn how to cultivate that if you do not have it. We have shared a lot about that in this conversation but learning to go within, there has never been a more critical time. We are at a precipice and there is a mass awakening. It is so much more than like, “What is going on in mainstream media? How come all this is happening?” This is a deep opportunity to look within and decide who you want to be.

That can feel intimidating, in the beginning, to know that you have all that power. You have all the power to choose how you are going to be in every single moment. How are you going to navigate the extreme polarization and conversations? How you are going to move forward with something that is calling you. That requires you to be so brave. You did not even know that you had that strength and fortitude. You go one little baby step at a time. Any step is an important step but make the step. Trust yourself that you will be okay, and the path will be lit for the next step. It is a journey. It is called life, and it is beautiful.

How can people connect with you, Michelle? How can they learn more about your programs, and where can they find your podcast?

I’m on all those social channels Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn but you can go to Michelle-Sorro.com.

Everyone, run out and connect with Michelle. She is incredible, and as you have read, she is so full of wisdom, full of heart, and passion, so go connect with her. Michelle, thank you so much for joining us. It has been an honor and a pleasure.

Ellie, the honor is all mine. Thank you for creating a platform to help people truly design their lives of freedom. I love it.

Thank you. Until next time.


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Michelle Sorro is a former TV Retail Host, turned 7-figure Transformational Trainer, and CEO of Michelle Sorro, Inc. She is the founder of Liberated Leadership and Live Sales Mastery. Her trainings have generated over $20+ million in revenue for her clients, who range from emerging experts to established entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities, Professional Athletes, and even a US Presidential Candidate. She is the co-founder of the Podcast Accelerator and the host of The Fire & Soul Podcast, a top podcast in self-development. Using her voice to facilitate contemplation, reflection, awareness, consciousness, and sovereignty, she is on a mission to empower millions to awaken to their infinite potential.