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You CAN Get Your Book Done!

What’s Standing Between You and Writing Your Book?

Is it…

  • You know that a book is in you, but you lack the accountability to sit down and get it done
  • You know you have a story to tell, but you’re completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • You spend hours sitting at your desk staring at a blank page, not knowing what to say and wondering whether you’ll ever make progress
  • You’ve identified the best path to publishing for you, but still feel lost in the process and have nobody to bounce ideas or questions off of
  • You’re busy and life gets in the way
  • You’ve thought, “Maybe if I sit down to write a little bit here and there, a book will be inevitable!”  Spoiler: that’s not how it works.

Truth bomb:

  You’re a lot closer to finishing your book than you think!

You’ve decided you want to write your book, and you know you need advice, support, and accountability.


 It’s time to pick up momentum!


Take action and Get Your Book Done. Don’t slide into inaction or overwhelm.



 Hey, I’m Ellie!


I help aspiring authors like you 

write their books quickly, and

with clarity and ease.


As a #1 international best-selling author, I have:

  • Written, edited, and published THREE books in the last five months of 2020, all while working full-time
  • Submitted my first TWO manuscripts of 2021 in the first quarter!
  • Begun work on my third manuscript of the year (with more to come!)
  • Co-authored books with New York Times #1 best-selling authors including Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Marci Shimoff, and Jack Canfield
  • Ghostwritten over 2000 pieces in the past two decades
  • Been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, the Los Angeles Tribune, Rolling Stone, Authority, Entrepreneur Mindset, Brainz, USA Reformer, Disrupt, Levity Ball, Writer’s Life, Good Reads, and more!

What sets me apart from other book architects or authors’ coaches is that I walk the walk. Not only have I authored, edited, ghost-written, and published thousands of pieces over the years, but I am still doing it today!

With nearly 20 years experience, I know what makes a strong manuscript and I have a deep understanding of the paths to publishing. I’m here to guide you through every step of the process with clarity and ease.

I want Ellie to help me write and publish my book!


No Author Left Behind Guarantee


My personal philosophy as your book architect is that no author is left behind. If you’re willing to do the work, I’ll do everything in my power to help you become a published author IN SIX MONTHS. 


This means that if you do all the work recommended of you and still don’t have a book manuscript ready six months from when you start, I will continue to work with you free of charge until your book is done. 


I take pride in seeing my students succeed. I’m here alongside you every step of the way!

My most consistent feedback from past clients is that I ‘overdeliver’ and that I go the extra mile to ensure that they are equipped with the tools and resources they need. 


You will always be supported, heard, and celebrated as you make leaps toward finishing your book.

Jack Canfield

America’s #1 Success Coach

Ellie is a transformational leader who is changing the world! Impact-driven and heart-centered, Ellie uses her diverse experience to empower you with simple, effective tools that deliver results.

Patty Aubery

President of The Canfield Training Group

Ellie is a talented coach and mentor to authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs. If you want to bring any aspect of your business to life and amplify your voice, she is your expert!

Lisa Nichols

 Founder of Motivating the Masses

Ellie is equipped with the information, education, passion, and conviction to move you to action. 

"I can do this on my own..." 

That’s what they all say!


If you could do it on your own, why haven’t you?

You see, most people need a little bit of extra accountability to help them finish a big project - even some of the most famous authors of all time. 

For example, J.R.R. Tolkein took over 16 years to write his first Lord of the Rings book. Even the beloved Franz Kafka never actually finished a novel - his friend finished and published his books after he died!



  • Imagine what the world would be like if these great authors (and you!) focused on getting their books done and into the world. 
  • Imagine if the greats had a coach to guide them through the writing process, bounce ideas off of, hold them accountable, or review their writing. 
  • What if YOU had an expert to walk alongside you who could help you tell your story, amplify your incredible voice, and get your message into the world?


I’m here to work with you as a trusted advisor and your biggest ally as you get your book written, published, and out into the world!

What You Get When You Invest In

Get Your Book Done:


Get Your Book Done is an investment of $12,997 or six monthly payments of $2,297. With this investment, you will receive six months of access to me as your personal book architect. This means you’ll receive:

  • SIX MONTHS of weekly 1:1 work sessions where you can ask me questions, get feedback, and maintain accountability for getting your book done. These weekly progress calls include:
    • ONE introductory 1:1 strategy call with me to help you flesh out your book ideas, create your unique game plan, and craft the perfect title for your book. We will discuss the value your book will have for your audience and ensure that you start on the right foot.
    • TWO 1:1 strategy sessions with me as you build out your manuscript so we can brainstorm and discuss the details of your book including content, flow, and more.
    • WEEKLY support calls to help you refine your ideas, stay motivated as you write your manuscript, and gain industry insights to help you reach your goals. 
  • A customized roadmap for your writing-to-publication process so you can execute and take steps with ease. We will discuss your roadmap in our introductory strategy call and use it to hold you accountable as you work to Get Your Book Done. 
  • Direct email support from me. I will personally answer your questions and offer real-time solutions, so your access to me is ongoing. 


When you finish your manuscript, you will receive:

  • Full book editing. Professional multi-pass editing by my team of experts to help you polish and perfect your manuscript. 
  • Formatting. When it comes time to publish, we will format your book for you in both print and e-book formats. 
  • Cover design. We will strategize what your cover should include, and my team will create a captivating cover for use on both your printed book and your e-book.
That’s right, not only will you Get Your Book Done, but you will be publication ready! Your manuscript will be professionally edited and formatted, with a professionally designed cover so that you will be 100% ready to publish your book - whether that’s with us or a publishing house of your choice!


AND, as a bonus, you will also receive:

  • Assistance from me to copyright your formatted manuscript. I will personally guide you through the copyrighting process so that you legally claim and protect your intellectual property. 
  • Assistance from me to set up a private account so that you retain control over your book. Because you should never be at the mercy of your publisher, I will help you set up a private account that only you can access to ensure that you retain complete control over your book.
  • Assistance setting up your royalties account. Your book is your intellectual property. No one else should make money off your book. I will help you set up your royalties account so that you receive 100% of the royalties generated off the sale of your book.

If you’re ready to get your book written and out into the world, then it’s time for you to sign up for Get Your Book Done!

I'm in! I want to pay in full!
I want to get my book done in 6 payments of $2,297

“Without a doubt I would recommend working with Ellie as she over-delivers on every course, summit, challenge… she delivers what she promises and probably three times as much if not more than you are expecting.”

-Ramone B., Client

“I have perfected my story and enhanced my future through the gifts Ellie has to offer. My favorite part of working with Ellie is she is a hands-on mentor, willing to go above and beyond while over-serving.”

-Kelly N., Client

Imagine being able to take your beautiful blueprint

and turn it into a book in-hand in just six months, using a proven system that you can replicate again and again.


Do you know what happens when you finally get your book done and out into the world with ease?

  • You increase your credibility and authority and become regarded as an expert in your field.
  • The perceived value of your services increases.
  • Clients seek you out.
  • You wake up every morning EXCITED to continue putting your ideas into the world because you have the systems and knowledge you need to handle the publication process like a PRO.
I'm in! I want to pay in full!
I want to get my book done in 6 payments of $2,297


Because I work with you on an individual and deeply personal level,

I limit the number of authors I work with at a given time.

This helps ensure that every person I work with gets

the personalized attention they need to succeed!


What Past Clients Are Saying

“As an editor and writer, working with Ellie has allowed me to increase my network of potential clients. In fact, I've already added two full books and have more potential projects in the hopper.”

Stephanie B.

“Without a doubt I would recommend working with Ellie as she overdelivers on every course, summit, challenge… she delivers what she promises and probably three times as much if not more than you are expecting.”

Ramone B.

“I have perfected my story and enhanced my future through the gifts Ellie has to offer. My favorite part of working with Ellie is she is a hands-on mentor, willing to go above and beyond while over serving.”

Kelly N.

“You won't just learn a ton. You will actually take action and make the progress you wanted... she's doing it with a huge heart, and that's what you want.”

Jennifer S.


I'm in! I want to pay in full!
I want to get my book done in 6 payments of $2,297

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