Debbie Prediger on The Secrets to Creating a Life You Love

Are you tired of living life on autopilot? Disconnected from your true self? Today's guest describes herself as an "obsessed female warrior" on a mission to help you master your emotions, learn to trust yourself, and develop your intuition, so you can confidently step fully into your greatness.
In this episode, international best-selling author, speaker, collaborator, coach, and facilitator Debbie Prediger chats with Ellie Shefi about the secrets to creating a life you love. Debbie shares her process for cultivating inner awareness and trust, and she provides actionable tips for making aligned, empowered decisions that move you into action. If you are looking to be the creator of your life, not the endurer of your life, don’t miss this conversation!

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Debbie Prediger on The Secrets to Creating a Life You Love

Our guest is an international bestselling author, speaker, collaborator, coach, and facilitator, who is on a mission to connect heart-centered entrepreneurs, healers, leaders and world changers with those who need them the most. Driven to help others unlock and embrace their greatness, she produces events, workshops and programs that inspire, empower, elevate and unite. She is a dedicated philanthropist, passionate about the education and empowerment of women. She works tirelessly to help women heal from their childhood trauma so that they can fearlessly go forth into a life they love. Welcome, Debbie Prediger. How did this journey start for you?

First of all, thank you so much for having me. Hearing that introduction, it is like you are talking about somebody else. In reality, it is all who I am and what I do. I loved it. How did it start for me? I do not know where to go to where it started because it did not start at birth. I'm going to start at the place where I was a little girl who was sick. I ended up in a hospital, hours away from home and family, and very scared. I had no idea what was going on but I fell in love with nursing, helping others, and making a difference.

That led me to passionately become a nurse and then that led to burnout. I was in a life of helping and doing for others. In fact, once I went through the burnout and the whole downward spiral where my body shut down, that is when I realized that I was trapped in that do-it-for-others mode. That is the only way that I felt worthy or lovable. It had been a pattern that went back. That is why I said I do not know where it started.

You were pouring into everyone else, doing for everyone else, taking care of everyone else, not taking care of yourself, not doing for yourself, and not filling your own cup. Would you say that realization was a pivotal moment on your journey?

Yes, absolutely. It is what has taken me to this moment for sure. It is me coming from that empowered place versus doing. It is also what makes me relatable to many people.

Take me into your head and heart when you had that a-ha moment. You mentioned that now, you are coming from that empowered place, so take me through that process, internal dialogue, and the steps that you took to break that pattern. Many people have that pattern and cycle where they do and give. What was that like for you? What worked for you? What was that emotional journey? Take us into that.

Like most people, it happened because my body shut down. Something had to change. I was doing and pushing forward. I did not recognize the pain my body had. Eventually, my body shut down and would not continue. Through all of those doctor's appointments, specialist's appointments, and searching, they came back and said, "It is in your head. There is nothing wrong with you. We cannot find anything wrong."

What did that feel like hearing when you know as a nurse? You have been working around hospitals and doctors all the time for years at that point. What was that like hearing the doctors tell you that there was nothing physically wrong with you, even though you had been in pain and your body had shut down?

Your emotions are like an elephant sitting on your chest that's ready to be released.

 First of all, it went into a hopeless place like, "This is going to be my life." It was like, "No, line in the sand. There is a better way. There is an answer and I'm going to go for it." It did become that empowerment. In the beginning, I had no idea what to do. I was searching but I took it back into my own hands. I stopped allowing other people to tell me if I was in pain, if I should take this pill or do this thing. I took my power back and said, "I need to listen to my body but I had no idea where to start with that."

You made a decision and that was step one. That is for our audience because so many people are going through what you have described. Step one was to make that decision.

I feel like step one is awareness. Until we get our head out of that, we are on autopilot. We are doing what everybody else tells us to do. We have not stopped listening to ourselves, our inner knowing, intuition, and our bodies. I believe we have the answers within. Until I came off of autopilot and listened, that was the awareness. Once I was aware of what was happening in my body, I started feeling the pain because I was at a place I was numb.

My body shut down because I was in so much pain. I was numb. When you are numb physically, you are also numb emotionally. I had to come back to a place where I was feeling and could understand, and then the journey of learning like energy, flow and blockages. Your brain, gut connection, heart space opening up, and all of those things, that is when I decided that I could go down a different path.

I love your point about stopping, going inward and becoming aware, especially over the years where, by and large, people have been in survival mode, pivoting, scrambling or trying to get through one day into the next. That is a powerful reminder that you know what is best for you when you stop, go inward and listen. Thank you for that reminder. I'm so glad that was the foundation of your journey. You mentioned you did not know where to start and you began the process of education. What did it look like for you to seek out information, mentors, communities, answers or places where you could find the answers? What was that like?

I come from a small town. At the very beginning, it was books and then eventually online courses because that was not a thing, and I could not travel to do this. I felt like I was diving into a world within two hours of me did not exist. What it looked like is once I became aware and started using my intuition, I was picking people, books and themes that aligned with me. It was like the light went on. The flashlight is like, "Go here. Follow the breadcrumbs." I constantly started following.

That took me through this journey of different books and mentors, aligning with somebody that spoke. Everything that aligned to me was energy, frequency, vibration, blockages, and how your body is meant to work, so Chinese medicine. The reframe was that I had to stop thinking about it as if a pill would fix it. I came from a nursing background where if something is broken, then this is the fix. I had to stop and reframe as, "What is the blockage? What is this meant to show us? What am I missing here?"


For me, very quickly, it went back to emotions, "What is the emotion I'm feeling? Am I feeling it? Is it something that I want to feel or do not want to feel?" If it feels like it is sitting like an elephant on your chest, that is obviously something that is ready to be released. Through my training and all of my education, it was like, "That is your heart space, so you might have a heart wall up or it is your lungs where it is grief."

How did you learn to identify the emotions with the feelings? For example, you referenced feeling that weight on your chest. How did you learn to identify that in your body, that meant a heart wall? What was that process of tuning into your body and putting the label or association to the feelings?

It comes back to intuition. At first, it was like I knew but I did not trust, and then I started finding leaders, books, and courses that taught me this thing. I use essential oils to release the limbic system when it is locked up into fight or flight. That led me down a path of finding which body parts are associated with which essential oil to use.

It is like the Chinese medicine acupuncture. I put a piece of this and that, and then brought it together with my intuition. Honestly, it took a long time for me to recognize that was a gift that I had that I could feel within myself but I also can do that with clients. I can hear their objection or struggle. I can know where in their body they have a blockage.

You raised two important points that I want to circle back to you. You mentioned that at first, you did not trust. How did you build trust with yourself? How did you overcome that self-doubt and lack of trust?

Practice. I started challenging myself, both with myself, and then I’ve got a trusted group of friends. We would tap into our intuition and knowing. It was a game at first but then I soon realized that I had very strong powers. I do not want to say that as in to woo-woo or to powers as in magic, but learning to trust that I had the answers within is what unleashed everything for me because I no longer looked outside of me for the answers.

Learning to trust that you have the answers within is what unleashes everything else because then you no longer have to look outside of you to find the answers.

I stopped even looking for my circle of friends for my answers. I might test that a little bit where it is like, “I know that I know that I know,” then I would go back and have a conversation. They would be, “Debbie, you know and you are so much more powerful than you are giving yourself credit for.” It took time but it was a daily, several times a day practice.

Would you say you developed a routine, habit or practice, as you call it, that was critical to not only developing your ability to get still and go within but your ability to hear and recognize that intuition and build the trust that you had with yourself?

Absolutely. Thank you for bringing that up because it is awareness and then choice. The choice is that you constantly choose to stay in this place of empowerment, of empowered emotion. First of all, what is that emotion that you want? I wake up in the morning and I no longer check off my to-do list. I go through my gratitude list, “What am I grateful for?” I can get into that empowered state right away. Nowadays, I wake up in that empowered state so it is no longer. From that point, it is, “What is the emotion that I intend to have now?”

My three top emotions are always love, peace, and joy. It is like, “I’m going to be so lovable that I’m going to attract all those people that are searching for love. I’m going to bring peace into everybody’s day-to-day.” That is the intention, ritual and practice. I have an app on my phone, which I found very good because I can get into that doer mode. That app on my phone reminds me every hour. It gives me a little bit of an affirmation or a mantra, and then I’m like, “It is a check-in point. Yes, I am in that.” If I’m not, I stop what I’m doing right then and I listen like, “What is it? Am I out of alignment somewhere? Am I back into that pushing and doing? Am I people-pleasing? What is it that keeps this knocking me out of where I want to be?”

Can you share that app with our audience? Having that reminder for that pause, breath, and check-in in the busyness of our day-to-day would be super helpful. What is that app?

The app is called I am. It goes back to my philosophy that we are the creator of our life. We get to choose what life on our terms looks like. It is not from an ego place, “My way or the highway,” but from that place of empowerment, “What would I love to design? What would that emotion be when I act that place?” I have it. You can set it on different themes. Maybe it is health and wellness or a theme of something else. I set it on that until I’m ready to change it. That reminder comes in and it is, “I am peaceful now that I found blank.” Whatever it is, it is that check-in point.

Find what works for you. Some people make their own mantra up and have it as an alarm on their phone as a check-in. Whatever works for you is the thing that you are meant to do. That is what people miss out on. Many people are going back to the external of, “My mentor told me I must do this.” I struggled with that for a long time because it did not align with me.

Some of it did and that is why I was going through different books and people, but I have to piece it together until it is me. Now, this is my signature way of doing it but I do not tell any of my clients how they should feel or think. I help them remember that they have the power to do this. First of all, they must be aware of what they are feeling and then choose what they want to feel.


I want to dig into that a little bit deeper because you have referenced a few times that this is your gift, that you have this intuition. What I want to make sure we dive into is your point that everyone has this. When you are aware and you stop and go within, you can create the routine and practice of tuning in, being present within yourself, being aware of what you are thinking, feeling and desiring, and then be able to make a choice and step into the creation of what would I love.

When you are working with clients who come to you and who are looking for answers, they are clinging to you initially because they think, "I can't do that. I do not have that gift. I do not have any intuition. I do not know. What is she talking about? The gift is within. The answers are within. I do not have any of that." What do you say to them? How do you guide them out of that limiting belief and into the alignment so that they can create a life they love and a life that is free by design?

If they are still not aware of exactly what you said, I get them into my circles and masterminds. That is my first step. If we do not have a relationship yet and they heard something from me that they are like, "There is something here but I need to know more," get inside my free Empowering YOU Community and learn more about me. Build that like, know and trust. Know that I'm here to serve you. This is what it is all about. If you are ready, I want you to say you are ready because that commitment is to you, not just to me.

If you are ready for the next thing, I have empowerment circles where it is all about this thing of reflecting. We come up with a theme and talk about it. That is very guided by my intuition of what the circle needs that day and then we have a discussion about it. It is amazing. I have never had anybody leave a circle that did not feel 100% better like, "I came in with this emotion and I'm leaving with this." Those are the two check-in points that we do, and everything else happens because of who is in the group. It is the energy of the circle and it is always about empowerment.

If your story is very limiting and distracting, we pull you back and we are like, "What do you choose? What do you want?" We can observe, reflect and understand where an old story is coming from but we do not want to live in that old story. We want to allow that to be released. That is the empowering part. It is like, "I can come in feeling hopeless or even completely lost, but that is to recognize. That is an awareness point," and then we move through the circle.

In the end, you get to do another check-in and it is like, "I feel so empowered, hopeful, or whatever it is." We anchor that in, "This is where you started. This is where you ended. This is your choice moving forward." It is an awareness tool and a practice to help them get back into touch with what they are feeling. A lot of my clients that come to me are numb. They are feeling, "I do not know what that is anymore."

You are the creator of your life.

What is one practical tool, resource, or practice that you give your clients who are feeling held back by their limiting beliefs, paradigms or the inner critic that is telling them they cannot change, grow or any of those things? What is a tangible tactic or tool that you give to move them through that belief?

It is simple. It is awareness first. You have to be aware of what it is, choice, and then action. The awareness is being still. You went into doer mode, "Let's get still. What am I feeling? What am I telling myself?" In my sessions, it is, "What is the negative chatter you are hearing in your ear? That is what you are hearing. When you hear it, how does that make you feel and where in your body? It is just a check-in. What is that emotion you want to feel?"

At first, it becomes this big story but eventually, it becomes a boom. What is the tactical thing that I can say? It is breathing. We have to breathe because for us to release anything that is stuck in our body, even if we are aware of it or not, we have to allow it to flow. It is like that river. We can't go out and dam up the river. We have to open up the river so that everything can flow and that emotion can process through you.

Once you are aware of the negative chatter that is happening in your ear, what is it that you want to feel and think? If the negative chatter was saying, "You can't do that. You have tried that before," the new shift would be an ‘I am’ statement where, "I am powerful and I get to choose. I control my thoughts." Whatever it is that you want it but in an I am statement. You are always recognizing the limiting belief or paradigm, and then flipping it to the empowered. It becomes an easy pattern once you have done this over and over again. Remember, it is a habit and pattern that keeps us locked into the old, where it is an excuse or a victim mode.

When we recognize that our emotions are there to help us recognize where we can grow, they are there to happen for us, whether it is anger, fear or, “I'm not enough.” Nobody is asking you to stay stuck in those emotions. Use them as a jumping-off point of, "This is where I am. What do I choose?" For me, I always choose the emotion because the how is going to come when you are following that emotion. When you are tuned into it, ready, and following that emotion, I choose love. What can you do that would embrace that feeling of love so every cell in your body is activated in that emotion?

That is such powerful advice to our readers. What is the most powerful advice that anyone has given you?

It is definitely Tony Robbins' saying, "Life is happening for you. It is not happening to you." There are times that I can spiral downwards into, "Why did I even think this was possible? I knew how things were going to go back." It is something that can spiral me into that limiting belief system. I have to stop, pause, breathe and hear his words, "Life is happening for you." There is always a lesson and something good about this.


I know that some of the readers are saying, "You do not understand. This happened to me and it was not good." I get it because I have been there. I have had a lot of things happen but when I look back now, I can see that it is all part of who I am. When I'm aligned in my purpose, value, belief system, and I'm listening to my inner knowing, I'm totally in that flow state. I know that who I was designed to be is who I am. It is when I get out of alignment that I'm trying to be somebody I'm not.

"Life happens for you, not to you," is one of my North Stars as well. I love that we are aligned in that. You wear a lot of different hats and do a lot of things. I'm curious. Of all the roles that you play, which is the most important to you and why?

It is being a mother and grandmother. That role is why I do everything else I do. I want the world to be that better place. I want the world to be so filled with love, peace, joy, and for all of my children, grandchildren, and everybody to understand that they have a choice in life. Life is not meant to be endured. It is meant to be lived and to thrive. When you can line up with what you love, what are your mission, purpose and magic? What are all of those things? When you come from that empowered place, anything is possible.

I have proven, seen and witnessed it. I believe it with everything in my being. I want all of the people to also see that. We were all designed with greatness right within us. The first time I heard that, I bawled. It was obviously something that I was meant to hear. It was a message that I had probably been pushing away. When you hear that whisper in your ear but you listen to it, there was something on the flip side of that message in my ear. It was that you were designed with greatness. I want everybody to know that.

It lights me up to see somebody that is starting to discover that greatness, mission or purpose within them. It all comes with that first start, "Who am I? What lights me up? When am I at my best? When am I in auto-mode doing what I think I'm supposed to do because the world or my parents, spouse or kids are telling me who to be?" There is so much more to you than that. I want my kids and grandkids to know that, but I want the rest of the world to know that as well.

I was going to ask you what your mission and purpose are, but it is pretty clear by how you light up when you said that. What a powerful driver you have with that why that fuels you, your children, and your grandchildren. That is fueling your drive to help people live the life that they love. It is so magical. What was it like the first time that you witnessed that unfolding and awakening of one of your clients, and you saw them choose and step into their greatness?

Thank you for taking me back to that. It is so empowering to me as well. It was going from this, "I can't do it." We were going through an Empowering YOU session, which is about an hour long and I take them through that. What I first talked about was like, "What is that thing you want? Why are you here? What is that struggle you are having that you want?" I always flip it into, "What are you choosing?" It is the empowered statement of I am, "How possibly does that feel? It is two. It is not possible at all. I will never get there." That is the negative chatter.

In order for you to release anything that is stuck in your body, whether you’re aware of it or not, you have to allow it to flow. 

I'm not going to take you through all of that, but it was something that was very disempowering. They had zero hope. As the session progressed, it went up to 3, 6 and 10. Not only is this possible, but I’m also doing it. I'm stepping into it. That is when we flip it and anchor that emotion in. We come up with an action plan of, "How are we going to get it?" From that empowered state of, “I can do anything and anything is possible,” what are the actions today, this week, and this month that you need to step into?

Witnessing that unfolding in an hour, and then over the next month what that person did was invigorating and empowering. I knew that I had something. We go back to all of those little pieces. The limiting belief I was telling myself at one time was that I was distracted and that I could not stay focused on one mentor. Now, I know that it was like, "I needed to hear a little piece of this and that." I tell it like, "Debbie, you finally listened to all the wisdom you already had in you. You have put it together into this signature program and now look what you can do."

It is like I was given a magic wand. The people that I went through in this session are amazed at what happened. I have been in counseling for years or I have had this type of thing for years, "What did you do?" I'm like, "I did not do anything. I held space for you and facilitated this beautiful healing and this release that was ready. You were so ready for it to come out of you and now let's step into who you truly are."

How do you help guide them to the clarity of who they truly are or their true essence? When they have now shed the chains of their past traumas and their limiting beliefs, they have silenced the inner critic. Now, you are bringing them into that process of coming home to themselves and deciding who they choose to be, what they choose to value, and how they choose to show up in the world. What is that process like?

That process is going to be different for different people and where they are at in that journey. If you allow me to go through, they might come to me for an Empowering YOU session or one-on-one. They might have come to meet me in a themed group session, where a whole group of people would have the same limiting belief. We would start with that.

They might have come to one of my circles, a workshop or program. That is why I'm saying there are many different levels of what I do because that is all gathering these same people. It is these leaders and world-changers. It is these people that know there is something more. When they get into my circle, what part are you on? What level are you at?

Say somebody came to me and they were at the place where they have a thriving business. They are a healer. They are doing great work with clients. They are even making X amount of money but they know there is something more. They have listened. They have this feeling. They might even have it in their body where there is this thing. They come to me, "You are in a different way than somebody that was unaware." As they come to me, we work through that like, "Where are you at? What is the limiting belief?"


It is still going to come back to like, "There is an incongruency somewhere. There is a gap.” I say that I want this thing. Maybe it is like I want to live on the beach somewhere but I'm not up-leveling to that point where I could live on the beach." I'm like, "You have not tapped in or tuned in to what is the emotion that you want. When you are on that beach, what is that thing? How are you going to feel when you have that?" Now, it is that North Star. The light is shining so brightly because that is the emotion they are heading towards, not the thing.

I'm glad that you went there that you followed your intuition. Having that North Star, I want to reiterate that because it is an important point for our audience. When the North Star is your emotion, it is the desired feeling and sensation. When that takes over and you are guided by that driving emotion rather than a tangible thing or an outcome that is a powerful point, you become unstoppable.

Nothing will get in your way when your why is that powerful, when you are driven by that emotion, and you know how you want to feel. You are clear and aligned on that. No obstacle is going to get in your way. You are going to go straightforward in your guiding light. Your North Star will be bright. It illuminates the way. All of a sudden, instead of seeing obstacles, you see solutions and opportunities. I love that you mentioned that and I would love for you to continue.

I could not say it any better than you did. That is beautiful when we align with the emotion we want at the end. Even vision boards, people are doing vision boards like crazy. I do an emotional vision board. I do a lot of different workshops. One is Dare to Dream, where you are tapping into, "What do I truly want?" We have got that next step, especially this time of the year where it is that vision board, "How will I feel when I get all those things?” If it is that beach home, who is with you? How do you feel? What are you talking about? What is that emotion happening? You visualize it and step into what that dream is.

If you say that you want to have this loving relationship with your spouse and you are not even having a conversation with them or there is some incongruency there, that is the gap that we have to be aware of. Get clear on what your North Star is, but then make sure you are aligned to it. It can't be that North Star because somebody else told you that is the dream or prize at the end of your life. It has to align with your heart, soul and essence. When you can click on that, you will know it because it hits you right there. It is powerful and connected. You have tuned in to a frequency that you can't let go of.

Even if you get off-kilter, it is going to feel like off-kilter. It is like, "That doesn't feel right. I’ve got to come back." Eventually, you are going to get so strong on what that is. It is all part of the process. This did not happen to me overnight. It is not going to happen to you overnight but it is a consistent searching for, "What brings you back to you? What is that message in you? How are you aligned to your true essence? What is that? Acknowledging it and stepping into it with more power."

Your emotions are just there to help you recognize where you can grow.

When you said that I wear many hats and I have many things that I do, there are times that limiting belief says to me, "Debbie, you have many things." When I go back to doing this vision board of what emotion I want, at the top of everything is empowering women, entrepreneurs and healers to make the world a better place. There are many things that I do down below. What I'm doing is lifting people up so that there is a level of a healer and empowering somebody that is going to reach every level of the person on this planet.

I'm not meant to speak to every person but I promise to anybody that is struggling, there is somebody for you. I want to have that warrior and Army of people that do and can connect with everybody. That is why it is so important for me for them to find their true gift, "What lights you up?" When I can find somebody that is tapping into that and they are getting excited about it, then they get in their own way. That is my job to help them get out of their own way and truly go forward. There are always going to be limiting beliefs and fears.

When I can do that and see all of those people that they are connecting with, bringing up, and helping them be empowered souls, that is everything. At the top of all that I do, it is about empowering others to live their best life and create that best life. Not just live what somebody else told you to but tap into your North Star where you know what it is. You know who you are and what you were destined to do. You know your purpose and calling because it is calling you hard. That is when I feel like I have done my job when you know all of that and you have tapped into that. It has got you.

The people that are meant for you are a miracle. All these people show up because when you know who you are, the people you are meant to serve to show up in a huge way. Everything you are doing is getting clearer on who you are because then you can step into it confidently, courageously, boldly, and continue on. Did I ever think I would be on a show like this? No. If it had been about me, I would have hidden it a long time ago. This is not about me. It is about the people that I'm serving and helping along the way.

How do you refill your own cup? How do you carve space for yourself to ensure that you are taking that downtime for yourself, engaging in self-care, restoring, reflecting, replenishing, and recalibrating so that you can go forth and continue to serve on such a high level?

It is part of the receiving, and I teach this as well. When you are not filling up your own cup, you still have a blockage in your receiving muscle. It is about intentionally receiving. I use energy, it is opening up that field and allowing all that nourishment, love, peace and energy into me and through me. There are times that I forget to do that. Things that remind me are my grandchildren. They remind me to play. Nature reminds me of how beautiful the world is and that we can receive love, nourishment, acceptance, and sounds.



Photography is one of my things. I did it as a living for several years. It is now back into that hobby. If I need to see the world from a beautiful point of view, I grab my camera, I go out and see beauty in everything. That fills up my cup. I use pure essential oils to help me stay grounded and in that receiving mode. They lift your frequency up. If you are hanging around people that are a little bit on the negative side and you have to work a little harder at staying in that higher vibration, then I have little tricks to do that for me.

Everything comes back to that alignment. I know when I'm out of alignment because I'm back into do-it mode. I'm pushing, pulling, and wishing I could get more done. I'm not feeling quite adequate enough. That is always where I have to step back and say, "It is not about you, Debbie. Receive it. You are working for the divine. You have everything you need right inside of you." It is hanging around people. Our communities and tribes are so important. Many nights, I fall asleep with that in my ear where I'm listening to that type of guidance. That is filling up my cup, and helping me stay grounded and centered in who I am.

It is such powerful tips that are applicable to all of us that we can all use. It is coming to the end of your life best lived. What do you want to be known for? What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

I'm going to be brave and vulnerable here. I want to be known for being that empowerment. I do not like titles but I want to be known as that person that truly stepped up and did things. We have this empowerment program up top that is worldwide and global. We have healers in there that are stepping up and doing the work in ways that they did not even think were possible.

That person is helping others. I'm known as the person that was the catalyst for change. The person that built communities is a leader and humanitarian who knows how to find and pull that out of you, what your calling and mission are, and helps you level up in ways that you did not think were possible or you had a limiting belief around it.

Now, you have that total joy and peace living your best life. We are all doing that but at the same time, the circle gets bigger. We have empowerment circles in different communities so that they are one-on-one. We have global and virtual. We are leading in ways with that volunteerism, where people are going into villages and helping others. We are building schools. We have academies and programs to take women from human trafficking, domestic violence, and child abuse.


In the program that I'm working with, I'm the Director of Strategic Partnerships. It is called We Empower ACEs. It all starts because we believe that adverse childhood experiences are one of the things that are holding people back now. A lot of people do not recognize that what is at the core of all of their limiting beliefs, victimhood or excuses is what happened when they were a child. We want to take these women through these programs so that they are free of all of those. Generationally, it changes. It is one person at a time but for generations at a time. We feel we are going to heal forwards and backward.

What a legacy that will be. I cannot wait for all of the unfolding and to see all of the lives that you are touching and that you will continue to touch intergenerationally and internationally. Are there any parting thoughts or messages that you would love to share with the audience?

Anything is possible. If you can dream it, you can step into it and receive it. That is my biggest thing. I love to do my Dare to Dream sessions, where we are helping you begin to dream again and step into, "What is it that I wanted? Maybe it was as a child." From that point on, I want everybody in the world to realize that it is your emotions that are driving your bus.

If you can master your emotions, when you can choose and come from that empowered place for everything, your life will change. You will be the creator of your life instead of the endurer of your life. You will step into your power in ways that you cannot even imagine. What has happened to me is beyond my imagination. I continue to follow the joy and the light and say yes to the opportunities. I want that for each and every one of you as well.

How can people learn more about your work and connect with you?

I am Debbie Prediger across all socials. You can find me on Clubhouse, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as you can find me on my website at

Thank you so much for being here. Until next time.


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