Born For This: Bringing Life Full Circle With Maya Comerota


Are you over letting your environments and circumstances dictate how you think, act, and feel? Are you ready to hit the mute button on your fears, doubts, and negative self-talk? If you're ready to claim your X-factor and step into who you were born to be, don't miss this episode! Listen as host Ellie Shefi chats with visionary entrepreneur, transformational teacher, high-performance coach, consultant, sought-after international speaker, and #1 international best-selling author, Maya Comerota, as she shares ways you can step into your true essence and live a life you love. If you're looking to supercharge your dreams and your life, this episode is for you!


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Born For This: Bringing Life Full Circle With Maya Comerota

Today's guest is a visionary entrepreneur, transformational teacher, high-performance coach and consultant, sought-after international speaker and trainer, and #1 international best-selling author who is regularly interviewed in publications, podcasts and television networks. She has built multi-billion-dollar ventures as well as seven-figure companies that have helped more than 2 million people worldwide to live their best lives. She is dedicated to helping people unlock their X-factor, be who they were born to be, and create a life they love. Please welcome, Maya Comerota.

Hello, Ellie.

It is so good to see you.

You have been busy. You have a lot going on! Congratulations on all of your successes!

I understand that you were a successful corporate executive before you went out on your own. What inspired that transition into what you're doing now?

Many of us have had this experience where we've become somewhat successful in a corporate career or in some area of our life, and although we're experiencing success, we're not fulfilled. I was having that. I had risen up the corporate ladder and had an incredible career. I had a husband, a son, and everything you could possibly want. From the outside looking in, you would think, "Maya has it all," and yet, there was a part of me that was yearning for more. I didn't know what that more was. I felt guilty for wanting more. That's something so common -- that you don't feel like you should have more. After all, what more could there be when you have a husband, a son, a career, and all those things? What more is there?

There was something that was missing and it all came together one day. It was a summer Sunday afternoon. I'm in my office working, because I would oftentimes work on Sundays, and my three-year-old son was playing downstairs. I could hear him laughing and giggling with the nanny. All of me wanted to go downstairs and play with him, but there was a part of me that felt so stuck to the computer and doing what I was doing. If I'm honest, I didn't even know if he would even choose me anymore because I hadn't been playful in so long.

As I'm working away, I get a ding on my computer and I realize, "I don't know what I'm doing but I can't do this anymore." I grab the car keys, run downstairs, and tell my son, "Hunter, mommy will be right back." He says, "Mommy, take me with you." I said, "No, little guy, I'll be back very soon." I jumped into the car and drove out. Twenty minutes later, I'm in front of a red light and I don't remember how I got there. As I turn the wheel to get on the on-ramp, a huge black SUV crashes into the side of my car. Everything starts spinning. Everything is in slow motion. The SUV flies through the railing, through the green sign, and down the embankment. It stops a second before oncoming traffic.

As I'm seeing this, I'm thinking, "Please don't let that person die. Don't let there be a child in that car." My car was spinning and I'm buckling in my womb. I'm noticing the car seat that's right behind me. My son was nearly in there. As everything is spinning, I see visions of what I believe was my funeral. I don't know if I'm going to come out of this alive. I feel this voice in every part of my body and it says, "You didn't do what you came here to do."



I felt so much sadness and regret that I hadn't yet done what I came here to do. I had done a lot in my life. I had run corporate teams and I had a leadership team of 300. I had done so much. That was probably the first moment that I prayed to God. I said, "If I make it out of here alive, I'll be her. I will be the woman I'm born to be. I don’t know who that is. I don't know who I am without the titles and roles of mother, sister, wife, and all these things, but I will be her if I make it out alive."

Twenty minutes later, the police arrived. I and the other woman are embracing. They look at us and say, "How did you get out of there?" Both cars are completely totaled. I knew there was only one reason we survived that day and neither one of us had a scratch on us. That was the beginning of me starting to recognize there's something more than I'm here to do and I desire to do it. At the time, I didn't  know who or what that was, but I was determined to go on a journey and figure it out.

Take us through some of that journey because that's a profound experience. That moment of realization that, "If today was my last day, I haven't done what I came here to do. What is that? What does that look like?" How did you navigate that and what was your process for starting to identify or unlock that thing that was within you that you know you're here to do?

There was so much of me that was numb by that point. I wasn't playful and passionate anymore, but then there were these couple of things that I was inspired by. At that point, I had been working with patients that had lifelong autoimmune illnesses. Many of them, through my coaching program, had gone through spontaneous remission. I was so inspired. I wanted to understand how patients with lifelong autoimmune illnesses have spontaneous remission.

There was a fire inside of me that was so curious and passionate, and it brought me alive. I started to follow the fire and passion. If I'm honest, I didn't know exactly what I was doing. I just knew I needed to be alive and I had this second chance. I saw my life pass me by and I felt regret. Nobody ever wants to feel that level of regret that if your life is over, you haven't yet lived and done what you came here to do, or shared with the people that you loved. You don't want to live a life where you feel regret. I had that experience and I knew I have to figure this out.

The steps that I took were every time I felt that little flame, fire, spark, inspiration, and curiosity inside of me, I followed it. It wasn't often that I felt it because I was so numb to many things. When I felt it, I knew it. It was like, "I love this. I'm passionate about this. I'm curious about this." I would lean into that. Now I call it your life force, but back then I recognized it as curiosity, inspiration, and passion. That's where it started. It was following that passion, inspiration, or little flame.

Is that step one that you would advise someone who is feeling that emptiness and numbness? They're feeling, "This cannot be all there is to life. How did I get here? This is not the life I wanted." To all those people that are feeling their life force drain out of them, would you say that step one is to ask yourself what would you love, what inspires you, what brings you joy, and then do more of that?


Before anybody else can believe in you, you must believe in you. Before anyone else will choose you, you must choose you.


Absolutely. Step one is always, "What would you love?" At the time, I was flying blind. I don't even know that I would have known how to answer that at that time. I would have said, "I don't want to work so hard. I don’t want to work 80 hours a week. I don't want to be away from my child. I don’t want to leave him in the morning before he wakes up, and come home after he has gone to bed. I don't want to be ships in the night with my husband where we barely spend any time together." I knew I didn't want any of that.

Now I know the question to ask. It is precisely what you shared which is, "What would you love? If you don't want that, what would you love?” I would love to have dates with my husband, work 40 hours a week, and feel inspired. I would love to be an amazing leader that supports a balance between home and work and be an inspiration where people can live their best life and do their best work, but they're not compromising or sacrificing themselves. So yes, that’s the first question. I didn't know that question back then so I just navigated clumsily like, "This feeling. That's it. I'll follow that."

"This feels good. More of this, please." I love that. That's something that anyone can do regardless of where they are in their life. If you don't love what's going on or if you don't love your life, what would you love? It's such a powerful question. Thank you for sharing that with us.

I mentioned in your intro that you have shared the stages with the biggest and the best, whether that is with Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Bo Eason, or Dean Graziosi. You've spoken on Necker Island, the home of Richard Branson. People look at you and say, "Of course, she can do it. She's Maya! She was this successful corporate career woman who had it all. It's easy for her to be on these global stages," but we all know it's not so easy. The journey is seldom how people think it is. Can you share a little bit more about your journey and maybe the moments where you struggled? How did you navigate them?

Nobody saw me at the moments when I was losing everything. I was successful in my corporate career, but when I started out on my own, I had this vision and passion to help humanity in a big way. I wanted to support people not to get to the end of their life and feel like they hadn't lived it. I wanted to help people tap into who they truly were meant to be or born to be, and not compromise, sacrifice or have any excuse not to be themselves because I had done that for so long. We don't see the moments where these people like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, all of these people, or myself were on their knees struggling. That happened to me. There were so many moments when I fell to my knees.

I had a successful career, and when I left, I went on this journey and I was funding that myself. I sold my house, my boat, and my corporate clothes. I had $1,000 suits as a corporate executive that I was selling for $80, $60, or $40 on Facebook Marketplace in a plastic bin. I'm sitting outside my house as we're putting my home that we're living in for sale. I'm thinking in my mind, "I promise we're not going to be homeless." I have a child and a husband. In my heart I know we're not going to be homeless. I also know this is what it's going to take.

The whole world thought I was crazy. "You're going to do what? You're going to tell people what? You're going to share with people that they're magnificent by design, they can live a legendary life, they are born for something, or they have an X-factor inside of them?" I was here sitting on my patio with a for-sale sign in front of my house and with plastic bins selling my suits so that I can make enough money to continue to pay our mortgage and continue to do the work that I was doing. That was just one moment of time.


There was another moment when I had invested all our life savings into what I believed was the answer. It was an online health company and I was going to be the chief innovation officer. I invested everything into it, and then it didn't feel aligned. My entire life savings was threatened. They threatened to take everything away. My relationship and marriage were struggling. I was afraid I was going to lose my entire life savings. I had to create an image of myself in the vision of who I am as a world-class transformational teacher and coach.

Who am I? How do I act at this very moment? How do I hold a dream and vision because I know that this is the work? Stepping through the fear, taking the step, holding the vision, and knowing that Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, and so many people failed time and time again, but they held a vision and a dream. They knew that it would come true. They had to become the person that was the dream before the dream could become a reality, so I had to be her. I'm like, "We're almost there, honey," to my husband with my plastic bins. He goes, "I don't know where there is but I'm pretty certain this is not the way. This way with the plastic bins and all the things is probably not the way.” I'm thinking, "It's just about to happen. I'm nearly there."

Thank you for sharing those moments because we can all relate. We've all been in those moments when it’s like, "We're almost there. It's going to happen. I know it," then it doesn't quite look like that so how do I shift that? I love that you're saying, "Be her now. Be him now." Be the person who's living that dream. Show up as them. Do the things they would do. Eat the things they would eat. Behave the way they would behave to be the embodiment of that dream before the dream happens. Especially after the last two years of the pandemic, that is a tangible step that people in the audience can begin to implement.

How did you navigate all of those naysayers? You mentioned that everybody was saying that you were crazy. How did you deal with that?

Before anybody else can believe in you, you must believe in you. Before anyone else will choose you, you must choose you. I had to come to a place of knowing and believing in myself and my dream more than anyone didn't believe. I don't know who said this but it's great, "I don't take criticism from people I wouldn't take advice from." There are so many people out there that want to give you advice. Unless they are doing and being the person that I desire to be or the embodiment of the person that I desire to be, then I'm not taking criticism or advice from them. You must be doing the thing and being the person that I desire to be order for me to take your criticism or advice.

I knew the stories of the legends in the world. They had fallen to their knees and gotten back up, and the fact that nobody believed in them. I'm like, "This is that same story. I am that dreamer and that visionary.” I know it to be true. I felt and heard it in the car when my life could have ended. There was a part of me that knew it. I needed to hold it and almost not even share it publicly so that I could continue to cultivate myself, my confidence, and my conviction.

I would share certain things with people who I knew would hold it. Sometimes you share it and there are plenty of people who are naysayers, but I had to have the confidence and conviction that it doesn't matter what anybody else says because this is my dream. It was given to me because it's my dream. It wasn't given to them. How are they ever going to understand it?

This is a message that I share all the time in my communities when I coach and speak, "You must choose yourself first. You must believe in yourself first. When you do, others will. Until you do, you can't expect anybody else to believe." It's very funny because now there are people that are like, "I knew she was going to make it." I’m like, “I remember that you were not so certain about that.”


You're not given the next step until you take the step right in front of you. So just take one step.


People say, "I knew it and I helped her," and you're like, "Huh?"

You helped me by doubting me and helped me develop that fire that was like, "I'll show you because I'm going to do it and I'm going to be her."

I love that you segued into that inner fire and that "I will show you.” Was that a tool that you used? To harness that inner fire mixed with the, "I will show you?" Many people are looking for where they will get that belief or where they can choose them. They're navigating the self-doubt and criticism, and they haven't yet developed that certainty muscle that you are talking about.

At the beginning of my career and then through my career, there used to be this fire that would develop based on people thinking, "She's young. She's a woman. She probably can't do it. We'll give her a shot," and then in response there was this, "I will show you. I will prove it to you. I'm going to do it." There was a lot of fire that was built in that. As I transitioned out of that, it became, "I've got to show me."

This is not about showing anybody else. I showed everybody else, and I became unhappy because I was following a path that was based on what they were saying versus based on what I knew. It wasn't about showing them what was possible, it was about showing me what was possible.

People talk about the fact that we have infinite potential and possibility. That's true. We've got infinite potential, and we need to have the capacity to be able to access it. My capacity is based on me and on every step that I'm willing to take to move closer, and to challenge and move into my fear and befriend it. It became about proving it to me and being the woman that I desired to be, not what anybody else wanted me to be, and not what anybody else said about who I could or couldn't be, but who I knew I could be.

When I think about the step that somebody needs to take, it's creating a very powerful image of who you are, what you believe in, and what you stand for. I have this image of me as a world-class transformational teacher who by my beingness, I can transform lives. It's not because of what I say or do but because of who I am. I believe we all have that capability.

If that was true or if this image is true, then who am I in this moment? What do I choose at this moment? Who am I as a wife? Who am I as a mother? Who am I as a friend? Who am I as a colleague? Who am I as a client? I get to choose that every day and it's not perfect, but the fire is built by creating this image and persona of the person that I know I can be.

We are given a dream. It's an echo of what was given to us. It's holding that dream and that vision and making it so important and powerful, and then leaning into that every day.


For people who say, "That sounds overwhelming and scary," you mentioned leaning into the fear. What is one way that they can do that?

It's taking the step that you can take. No matter what it is. No matter how small or big it is, you take the step that you can take right now. A lot of times, fear shows up as doubt, delay, or distraction. Sometimes they call it defcon. Your mouth goes dry and your body shakes. You just take the very next step because you're not given another step until you take the one that's right in front of you. All you have to do is take one more step every day. That's it.

You're not given the next step until you take the step right in front of you, so just take one step. It's so powerful. I touched on this because it's quite common. People love to look at you and say, "Of course, Maya can do it. That's Maya. Maya is a unicorn." You hear that time and time again of the magic and the communities you create, the lives that you transform, the way that you show up in the world, and the doors and opportunities that open to you. People say all the time, "That's just Maya." What do you say to them? What do you believe is the main driver of your success? Do you think it's possible for them to achieve something similar?

I've heard it so many times, "Maya has an X-factor and not everybody has that. Don't do exactly what Maya does because she has an X-factor. You should do it this other way." One, that's BS. The main driver of my success and my fulfillment is that I show up as me. I show up as the person that I am created to be. I'm convicted, confident, silly, goofy, and funny. I love to sing, laugh, and dance. Who knows what's going to happen sometimes when I'm doing what I'm doing because I allow myself to be me.

Allow yourself to be who you are created to be. There's a reason why you are here. You are created for a reason. It's not by accident that you are here. Every single individual is unique. It's about tapping into that X-factor, that uniqueness or that thing that you uniquely are here to be and do, and then sharing that with others. When you do, you have uncommon success. The success that people say, "How did she do that?" It's because you're you and the world needs you.

It’s that authenticity and alignment of being you, and showing up in the world as you in your divine glory that you were made to have, be, do and exude. It's so powerful. Do you, be you, and show up as you. That's what you're saying. Many people get lost in the external. You alluded to it when you said, "Who am I without the corporate titles, the labels, the possessions, and the accolades?" You took that time to come home to yourself and become the person that you were divinely made to be.

That's something we can all do. Thank you for sharing that because that is another actionable tool -- to be you. Part of being you and this phenomenal being that you are, are the habits and routines that you have. You mentioned that you have your convictions and your values, and you show up aligned in them. Tell us a little bit about your routines, habits, and non-negotiables that contribute to your success and your impact on the world.


We are born for something, and we are given experiences in our life to support us to do that very thing.


I love to keep everything simple. Across my days and years, I've had many different routines that have supported me to be successful in many ways. The number one habit and routine I have is asking myself, "Would I love this?" If I would love it, I do it. I used to meditate for hours in the morning, do breathwork, drink celery juice, etc. I've done all the things.

There was a period of time when I was doing all the things and ended up with a morning routine that was two hours long. I realized I wasn't loving it. As soon as I shifted and I said, "Would I love this?," things changed. Now, I wake up around 5:00 AM or 5:30 AM and do breathwork. I go and take my dog to Dog Prairie Park. That's this beautiful place. I love it. I get to walk with her for an hour as the sun comes up. Then I come home and I’ve already done my meditation with my breathwork, so I get to have breakfast with my son and my husband. Then we take my son to school.

I ask myself, "Would I love this?" If I love it, then I'll do it. So I start my day with what I love. I would say to every person, "You can do many things to help you be successful in the day. The number one thing you can do is ask yourself, ‘Would I love it? Does this make me come alive?’ If it does then do it."

That's a full circle moment of "what would I love?" It's such a simple beautiful sentiment to use as your bumpers or as your North Star. What would I love? Does this make me happy? Do I love this? Does this bring me alive? It's so beautiful.

You mentioned that each and every person you believe has that X-factor or that thing that they were uniquely born to do. How do you help someone unleash that?

I believe that we are born for something. We are given experiences in our life to support us to do that very thing. All the stories in my life, all the trials, tribulations and triumphs were all gifted to me so that I can share and be who I am uniquely in the world. No one has had the same exact human experience as I have had. Some have had similar, but they haven't had my same stories and experiences.

Each person has their own life curriculum. It's tapping into, "What is my unique life experience and how has that made me an expert?” I'm an expert at me. I'm fortunate that I'm a better expert at myself now than I was before because I did not know myself that much back then. We all have that very special something within each one of us. It's tapping into those stories and messages.

Part of my curriculum is helping people come to the end of their life. Imagine, you're at the end of your life. You have hours or a day to live. What do you want to share? Don't wait until that moment to do that thing. We all have something inside of us that if our life was over tomorrow, you would want to make sure you did or said that thing.


I support people to identify and tap into that thing, and then to cultivate and craft it. You have life experience, which is the reason why that message is important to you. I have a life experience, which is the reason why being born for something is resonant for me. I hear this message, "You didn't do what you were created to do. You didn't do what you were born to do." I'm like, "I've got to do that thing. I was created for that thing. I don't want to get to the end and realize I didn't do the thing or become the person that I was supposed to become."

So it's tapping into that. Starting with the end in mind. If your life was over tomorrow, who would you want to be? What would you want to say? What would you want to share? I support people with a process to tap into that. The other important part of this is tapping into the life force that is living and breathing in each and every one of us. What are you passionate about? What makes you angry? What makes you sad? What makes you light up? What makes you fall in love? We have a life force that is our energy and it is consistently communicating with us.

It's interesting; my X-factor challenge actually came about because somebody really did tell other people, "Maya has an X-factor and nobody else has it." When I heard that, I was thinking, "People paid to hear you tell them they don't have an X-factor. I can't believe it. I'm going to show everyone they've got an X-factor." I listened to the life force and the information that it was sharing with me.

Oftentimes, our X-factor and passions are born out of things that we weren't able to express at some point. So it’s helping us reconnect to that life force, message, and mission that each one of us has. Each one of us has a mission to fulfill on this Earth in this lifetime.

You have a mission and I have a mission. I'm so thrilled that we get to come together and support one another, and make these dreams come true. Each one of us has our own unique mission that is beautiful in its own right as it contributes to the whole of the universe.

You referenced this X-factor challenge that you had. Tell us a little bit more about some of your programs and services.

I have a variety of programs and services which I love. I have a live event that I do multiple times a year. It's called Born For This Live. It's to support people to tap into that thing that they are born for, that life that is yearning to express through them so they experience more passion, freedom, prosperity, creativity, love, and all of it. For anyone who is seeking more and knows, "There is something that I'm born for. There's a thing that I'm meant to share with the world. There's an impact that I meant to make. Maybe I'm not making that impact yet, but I know it's yearning and burning inside of me that I want to express it to the world," then that's Born For This Live. It's a three-day event. It's totally immersive and transformational. People's lives change not only during the challenges but also during the three-day immersive event.

I also have an elite coaching program. This is a year-long program where I support people throughout the year through additional immersions, laser coaching, mastery calls, and support to understand that you're born wealthy and you're born for this. There's something that you're born for. You're born extraordinary. You're born to align with the forces of nature. We go through this curriculum throughout the year.


Understanding that life happens for us and through us is super powerful. Nothing is happening to you. It’s happening for you, your growth, and your development.


Additionally, I have a mastermind it's called Living Legendary. It is all about living a legendary life, and cultivating and creating the experiences in your life that support you to know that you are living a life that you absolutely love that's beyond the normal. It’s creating an epic life together and supporting one another to create these incredible legendary lives.

Those are a handful of the programs. I also have When Love Speaks, which is where I support people to cultivate that message or story that lives within them, and share with the world about when love spoke to and through them. Love speaks to and through each and every one of us in unique and beautiful ways. Sharing that with the world is so beautiful, and I love that people can tap into that message that lives within them and understand that love does speak to and through each and every one of us in different ways.

There are many different ways that people can get into your universe and work with you. X-Factor, Born For This, Living Legendary, your elite coaching program, and When Love Speaks. It's amazing.

You mentioned helping people cultivate their story and their message. You took that even one step further and created a beautiful gift for the world. It’s a beautiful book compilation called When Love Speaks. That is a compilation of 44 stories. These are beautiful messages from people who have gone through your programs. These beautiful souls were sharing the messages that you have helped them to unlock within themselves.

It is incredibly powerful that you didn't let their stories die within them. You created this beautiful platform for them to share those messages with the world. When Love Speaks is available on all of the platforms. You can go to Amazon and get it. I love that it was even picked up by Rolling Stone magazine. What was that like for you to know that this gift that you're creating was picked up by Rolling Stone and a few other magazines as well?

That was a beautiful testament to the extraordinary humans and the extraordinary stories that were shared in the book. I believe were meant to live our legacy and not just leave it. These stories are an example and the embodiment of these extraordinary humans that are living their legacy. To have it featured in Rolling Stone and other magazines, and on ABC, and different news stations was beautiful for all the members that participated. It's such a beautiful celebration! Many of these things were not expected. It wasn't expected that it would have this. We loved it and had a vision for it, but to have those surprising beautiful moments that you dream of happened was incredible.

It’s the power of story and sharing those messages that you don't want to take to the grave. Thank you for cultivating that. Thank you for sharing that with the world. It is a beautiful testament and a beautiful moving gift to the world.

I touched on some of the incredible people that you have had the honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with in changing lives. What's the best advice that any of them have shared with you?

There's so much. From Mary Morrissey, it's what would you love. It's so simple. There's a lot of information out there. To find the moments that are the nuggets. Mary Morrissey talks about what would you love and that the circumstances of your life are your curriculum. That is perfect. She shares that things are soul-sized. Whatever challenge you're going through is soul-sized. How many of us have felt like things are too big for us sometimes? It's never too big. It's the exact right size for who you're becoming. I love that.

YAN 25 | Born This Way

From Tony, it is that life is happening for you. That was my step until I understood that life happens through me. Understanding that life happens for us and through us is super powerful. Nothing is happening to me. It's happening for me, for my growth and my development. Another mentor, coach, and colleague, Bo Eason, talks about having this presence, being that presence, and connecting to that primal part of ourselves. That has been a big influence on me as well. Some of them are about who they embody. It's not necessarily about the specifics of what they share, but their authenticity as they share it.

I've had so many moments whether it's Dean, Tony, Mary, Bo, or so many others. It's who they embody and how they hold a presence for me. I was recently communicating with a colleague and a mentor of mine; I sent a message, thanking them for holding that space in my heart and in my mind of what's possible. It's not about what they say or do, but it's that they hold the space of possibility for me. I love that. I can think of them and know it's possible.

What's something that you learned the hard way that you wish someone would have shared with you earlier?

I'm going to be honest. I learned everything the hard way. That's why I do what I do because it's not that hard. I used to believe that I was like everybody else. That there wasn't something that I was here to do that was unique. That I wasn't meant to be totally me or shine brightly. It took a lot of compromising myself, hurting myself, and sacrificing myself to come to recognize and realize that there is someone I'm here to be. By just being her is what would lead me to be happy, fulfilled, confident, convicted, playful, passionate, and all of those things. It didn't take me pleasing everyone. It didn't take me being who everybody else thought and said I should be. It took me being 100% me.

The way that we learn and understand the world is backwards. We believe that there's a lack, and there's no lack. We believe that money's bad, and it's not bad. We believe that we lack love, and there's no lack of love. We believe that we're not unique, and we're 100% unique. It's all illusion. The truth is that we were born rich. We were born wealthy in every dimension. It's becoming aware of prosperity, wealth, relationships, love, abundance, and vitality. It's only our level of awareness that is the opportunity. It's not that there is a lack. That's something that I continue to learn the hard way. When you learn the hard way, you really know.

That lends itself to that conviction and certainty that you spoke about. You also mentioned that when you work with your clients, part of the process that you take them through is taking them to the end of their life. So let's take you to the end of yours. You've come to the end of your life best lived. You've left it all on the field. You have done what you came here to do. You have been the person you were born to be. What do you want them to say about you?

They say, "She lived. She laughed. And she loved."


And so it is. How can people get in touch with you? How can they connect with you? How can they learn more about your programs and services?

They can go to That's my website. They can find me on social media @Maya Comerota on Instagram and then also on Facebook. Those are the best ways.

Everyone, run out and get into proximity with this powerhouse. You want to be in her world. Grab a copy of When Love Speaks, and learn more about her programs and services. Get into her communities. She's a beautiful soul and your life will never be the same.

Maya, as we start to wrap up, are there any parting words you would like to share with our audience?

Yes. There's something that you were born for that nobody else can be or do. There's a life that you love that is yearning to express through you. Go be her, be him, live that dream, and be who you were born to be.

Maya, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for the work that you do in the world. Thank you for the light that you shine into the world. Thank you for being the full embodiment of you, leaning into the fear, and taking the uncomfortable action in those moments when you were on your knees. Thank you for holding the vision and the dream of the life that you can have, the lives that you can impact, the change that you can make, and the good that you can do in this world. Thank you for showing up every single day as you, for living your legacy now, and for being who you were born to be.

Thank you, Ellie. It has been such an honor and privilege. I feel so blessed and honored to be here with you. I love and adore you. Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you for being here. Until next time.


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Maya Comerota is a visionary entrepreneur, transformational teacher, high performance coach and consultant, sought-after international speaker and trainer, and #1 international best-selling author who is regularly interviewed in publications and on podcasts and network television. She has built multibillion-dollar ventures as well as 7-figure companies that have helped over 2 million people worldwide live their best lives. Her signature programs, X-Factor and Born for This, help people unlock their dreams, be who they were born to be, and create a life they love.