The Best-Selling Book Bootcamp™

Get your book out of your head and into your hands

August 2nd to 9th

Laguna Beach, CA 



SPACE IS LIMITED: This is a small group, in-person event led by Ellie.

This is your chance to stop wishing and start writing.

Becoming a best-selling author is the gateway to building the brand and business you desire. Being a best-selling author opens the door for media exposure, speaking opportunities, and increased visibility. If you’re ready to create more impact and more income, there’s no better way than by becoming a best-selling author.

As a multiple #1 international best-selling and award-winning author who has over 30 years of experience writing, editing, ghostwriting, and publishing thousands of pieces, I know what makes a strong manuscript and I am committed to helping you get your book done right.

The Best-Selling Book Bootcamp™ is your opportunity to work directly with me in a focused, small group setting to get your best-selling book written and to create a customized book monetization plan. My step-by-step process will ensure your book is carefully crafted to become a bestseller and positions you as an expert in your field.

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Join me at this event if you're an entrepreneur, leader, speaker, coach, or consultant ready to...

  • Learn the step-by-step strategy for writing your business and brand building book with clarity and ease.

  • Finally put pen to paper and get your bestseller written.

  • Determine the path to publishing that’s most profitable for you.

  • Learn how to use your book to confidently attract, connect, and convert your ideal client base.

  • Develop your book monetization plan.

  • Understand how to strategically use your book to build your business and position you as the go-to expert in your field.
  • Learn how to strategically promote and profit from your book.

  • Get personalized and specific guidance from Ellie every step of the way.

If you are committed to making 2024 your year for becoming a best-selling author, grab your spot today!

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Top 5 Things You Will Learn:

We go beyond your manuscript. Learn exactly what you need to confidently publish, promote, and profit from your best-selling book.
  • My Best-Selling Book Outline: Discover the surprisingly simple technique to outline your Best-Selling Book in 10 minutes or less.

  • The Fastest & Easiest Way To Create Compelling Content: How to use my simple content producing framework without "writing" a single word.

  • How To Write A Book That Has Clients Hunting For You: Use your unique expertise & enter the conversation that is already going on in your prospect's head to magnetically attract them.

  • How To Become A Best-Selling Author: My time-tested & proven launch system that has produced 54+ Best-Selling Authors and the step-by-step way to achieve it.

  • How To Generate Profit With Your Book: Monetize your book through workshops, speaking, online courses, and coaching or consulting.


This event is for you if you are...

  • Ready to build your business and your brand.
  • Frustrated because you want a best-selling book, but can never find time to get it done.
  • Confused and overwhelmed when it comes to the writing and publishing process.
  • Tired of seeing other entrepreneurs in your space get their books, funnels, and courses out in the marketplace while your amazing content remains undiscovered.
  • Discouraged by writer's block and sick of staring at a blank computer screen with nothing to show for it.
  • Tired of being a best-kept secret, and ready to become the go-to expert in your field.
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After The Bootcamp, You'll Walk Away With...

  • A working draft of your soon-to-be bestseller.
  • A business plan that will allow you to create the most impact and income from your book.
  • The action steps you need to publish your book quickly and easily without compromising on quality, giving away your IP, or getting taken advantage of.
  • An amazing hook and compelling title that will capture your ideal client.
  • The exact "soft launch" and "hard launch" steps to ensure you end up on the bestseller list.
  • A complete understanding of how to use your soon-to-be status as a best-selling author to become the go-to expert in your field.

Join me! Let's get your Best-Selling Book written and into the world.

Due to the live, in-person nature of our workshop, registration is extremely limited!


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Let’s take a peek inside the workshop...

Business Plan

Before writing a single page, I will help you build out the entire business plan that you are going to use to monetize your book and become the go-to expert in your field.

  • How to turn your book into online courses, workshops, and speaking engagements.
  • How to turn your book into a high-converting lead magnet that generates a flood of new hot leads.
  • How to leverage your book into a business and brand building Content Marketing Machine.
  • The Best-Selling Author Business Blueprint that maps out every step to scale your business!

Book Writing Process

We will go deep into the actual logistics of how to write your book.

  • How to outline your book in 10 minutes or less.
  • How to create a memorable title and hook that will compel your reader to buy and engage.
  • The trademarked writing system you can use to create content quickly (and in your own voice).
  • The Irresistible Chapter Formula we use to create chapters in your book that people won’t be able to put down.

Path To Publication

No matter how good your book is, it needs to be professionally published and promoted. I’ve got you covered!

  • The first steps you must take before to ensure success before your book is even published.
  • The "soft launch" process that gets you sales and 5 STAR REVIEWS in the first week.
  • How to get a ton of attention and hit bestseller even if you don’t have a large following, huge audience, or email list.
  • Discover the ins and outs of the 5 potential publishing paths you could take and choose the most profitable path for you, while avoiding common pitfalls, and protecting your IP.

Profit Plan

OK, this is the exciting part! It’s time to see a substantial return on your investment and start making an income and impact with your book. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The exact steps to use your newly published book to build your brand, increase your visibility and credibility, and attract high-quality clients.
  • How to use your book to get on virtual and in-person stages.
  • How to use your book to get on TV, radio, podcasts, print, and all media!
  • How to use your book to fill your online courses, workshops, and coaching programs.
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What Past Clients Are Saying 

Katie Sol, Mystical Living 

"If you're gonna write a book, come do it in Laguna with Ellie! On Monday, I had a whole outline. Tuesday, I was writing. And by Friday I was headed back to Boston with the manuscript for my book!"  


Jenna Griffith, Service & Soul

"Shout out to Ellie and her amazing publishing team! I can't believe I went from starting from scratch at the Best-Selling Book Bootcamp to becoming a #1 International Best-Selling Author in less than a year! Ellie's process works! Thank you to Ellie and her whole publishing team for making my dreams come true and making this a reality." 

Colleen Low, Ask No More

"I'm so excited that I took the time to come and make this book a reality instead of just dreaming about it. My manuscript is done in less than a week! Ellie's proven system works! Follow it and then "TA-DA" your book is done." 

Bill Seibel, Press Go

"Ellie helped make 'Press Go' a much better book. So far, it’s sold over 500 copies and I have almost 100 reviews - all of them 5-star. It's led to dozens of keynote speaking engagements and I've received many more consulting inbounds. I can't thank her enough!"

Dr. Kathryn Hamel, Body, Mind, and Badge

"Ellie's strategies helped me write and publish my best-selling book, land dozens of speaking engagements, and truly position myself as an expert in my field." 


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Meet Ellie Shefi

Ellie Shefi is an attorney, advisor, strategist, mentor, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, multiple #1 international best-selling and award-winning author, speaker, and publisher who has over 30 years of experience writing, editing, ghostwriting, and publishing thousands of pieces.  

She knows what makes a strong manuscript and is committed to helping you get your best-selling business and brand building book done quickly, easily, and in a way that attracts, connects, and converts your ideal audience and positions you as the world-class expert you are.

Ellie utilizes her experience as a multiple #1 international best-selling author, Quilly Award recipient, and member of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors to help entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders, coaches, and consultants like you write, publish, and leverage your best-selling book so you can amplify your message, increase your impact and income, and build your business and your brand.

A sought-after speaker and media host, Ellie is the host of the Free by Design™ television show, the You Are Not Your Scars® podcast, and the Creating an Impervious Mind® expert YouTube series and is regularly interviewed in publications and on others’ podcasts and television shows, including NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, to name a few. 

An outspoken advocate fighting against injustice, Ellie is proud to serve on the leadership councils and advisory boards of nonprofits focused on civil rights, human rights, criminal justice reform, disaster recovery, fighting human trafficking, and ending mass atrocities.

A dedicated changemaker, Ellie is the founder of the Made 2 Change the World ™ Foundation, an emerging nonprofit organization that equips and empowers the next generation with the tools, resources, and strategies they need to create the lives, communities, and world they envision.